Quickcast – Netflix Review, Ford Sync, Trip to San Fran

This month I took some time to check out Netflix and how they have changed since I last used them. I had Netflix back in 2002, where you would have to wait a whole week and a half for the next 3 movies in the queue. It was an upgrade when they put in a new distribution center closer to me, therefore movies only took a week.

I moved over to Blockbuster simply because of convenience. That year I also switched banks because of convenience – More locations, more options. But this last year I closed that bank account and went back to my credit union. Online banking made it easy for me to get stuff done.

So I figured, if I can do it with banking, I can do it with movie rentals.

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I also go into a little more information about the Ford SYNC car I will be driving next week. Finally, I talk a little bit about the HP Road Show – Converged Infrastructure and the contest to win the HP Elite 2530p.

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