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Using a Legacy Screensaver in Windows 7

Back in my Windows days, my favorite graphics program was Vueprint and my favorite sceensaver was its associated screensaver. Vueprint is small–less than a meg to download–fast, and versatile. For lighweight editing, such as resizing, cropping, and simple color adjustments, I found it unmatched in either the Windows or the Linux world. (The closest thing I’ve found in terms of lightweight and fast for Linux is XNView, and it’s not very close.) I decided to see whether Vueprint was still around, and it was. Ed Hamrick, its creator, is no longer developing it; he is concentrating on a sister program...

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Free Commander File Manager for Windows

I’ve been learning my way around Windows 7. So far, there’s not much to learn, but I’ve been chaffing under the “libraries” overlay in Windows Explorer. So I went looking for some new file managers. Back in the olden Windows 3.1 days, I had Windows File Manager configured to show two panes on startup. When Windows File Manager morphed into Windows Explorer, that was no longer an option. For a long time, I ran a commercial program called Power Desk, which was what Windows Explorer should have been and worth every penny I paid for it. I found two freeware...

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Where Has Frank Been?

My previous post has been my first post here in weeks. I have not abandoned Geekazine, but I am in a semi-hiatus. I have decided to study for some certifications and this has taken away, not the time to write posts, but the time to research for posts. And I don’t think many readers would be interesting in the finer points setting up LVGs in CentOS. But I shall be back from time-to-time.

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Setting Up My New Lenovo ThinkCentre M90Z

I had been warned that FedEx was on the way. The package arrived yesterday. I waited until both of us were present to open it find a Lenovo ThinkCentre M90Z, from a benefactor (I don’t know whether he wants to be named–I will leave that to him). So I was up until much later than I am used to setting it up. I love setting up a new computer and I had been wondering for some time what strategy to adopt to learn Windows 7 without spending gobs of money, so this was double the fun. I took it up...

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Autism App for iPad under Development

I’ve been really deep into geek and haven’t had the time to post here the past week. I’ve resurrect my old P3, threw a third hard drive into it, installed CentOS, and am working on making it dual boot with the existing Slackware system. But this report from one my local televisions stations caught my eye: A local father with an autistic son is developing a iPad app for use in reaching and teaching autistic children; he got the idea from observing his son’s fascination with the Angry Birds game: Joe Hill’s autism app idea is not the first, but...

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From the Karma Dept.: Microsoft Accuses Google of Unfair Practices

Turnabout, as reported in the Seattle Times: Microsoft plans to file a formal antitrust complaint Thursday in Brussels against Google, its first against another company. Microsoft hopes that the action may prod officials in Europe to take action and that the evidence gathered may also lead officials in the United States to do the same. It should be interesting to see how this turns out. Google has certainly gotten big–some feel, uncomfortably big. I try to avoid using Google stuff simply so as not to feed them any more information about myself than I already have. I use Startpage for...

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Installing CentOS on Virtual Box, Part 4: Reboot

This is the fourth part of a series. Part One – Installing CentOS goes through the initial installation and settings of the Virtual box. Part Two – Installing CentOS talks about how you should configure the Hard drive. Part Three – Finishing the Install covers the other choices made during installation. After I rebooted and logged in with the root password that I created during installation, CentOS presented me with a dialog for fine-tuning choices, most of them related to its mission to serve as a server. Authentication–In a network, there are several different methods for managing passwords and rights....

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Installing CentOS on Virtual Box, Part 3: Finishing the Install

This is the third part of a series. Part One – Installing CentOS goes through the initial installation and settings of the Virtual box. Part Two – Installing CentOS talks about how you should configure the Hard drive. Now that the hard drive configuration is set, CentOS asked about networking. I accepted the defaults through the three dialogs. First, to configure the adapter. Second, to choose between DHCP or static ip address. Third, to select the computer name. I felt lazy, so I left it blank; had I named it, I likely would have named it mackerel or flounder or...

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Install CentOS on Virtual Box, Part 2: Configuring Hard Disk [How To]

Part One is here. Once the language and keyboard are selected, CentOS examines the hard drive. In my case, the hard drive was empty unallocated virtual space: Next it displayed a confirmation dialog. Had I had more than one partition, as I might have if installing to a real machine, as opposed to a virtual one, it would have allowed me to select which partition to blow away. In this case, only one selection was possible: This was followed by yet another confirmation dialog giving me one last chance to back out. After that, CentOS offered me a chance to...

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Installing CentOS in VirtualBox [How To]

This is the first of several posts on installing CentOS in VirtualBox. Even though I am using a virtual machine, the same procedure would apply to a full computer installation. I mentioned CentOS in my series of Fedora posts: It is a free implementation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). I decided to mess with CentOS because I have decided to study for Red Hat certification, which requires me to know RHEL backwards and forwards and CentOS is the closest thing to RHEL without a licensing fee. I’ve spent much of the last week buried in a book about Red...

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Fun with Windows Command Line Directory Navigation

Note: When I was writing this, I could not get the backslash character to display, so I use [backslash] to represent it in the text. I am not new to the Windows command line. Back in my tech support days, it was frequently faster to tell callers to click on the menu, click on start, type “cmd,” click “Run,” type in a command (frequently it was ipconfig /all) and tell me what they saw rather than walk them through opening a bunch of windows one after another. I was reading up on tricks for navigating the Linux command line and...

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Malware Removed from the Android Marketplace (Updated)

The BBC reports that about 50 virus-infected apps have been removed from the Android Marketplace. Apparently, the authors of the malware took legitimate apps, injected them with malware, and then republished them under under a different name from the legitimate author. From the story: The virus-laden apps were discovered by a Reddit user called Lompolo who realised that one program was listed under the name of a publisher he knew had not written it. He found that the app, which let people play guitar on their handset, was the same as the original but for a name change and some...