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News is defined as events reported through an outlet like reporter or other source. News comes in many forms. Newspapers, TV, Podcasts and video. Companies like CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are some news sources. Geekazine News is a little different than that, since our news is about the site. If you want to know more about what is happening at Geekazine, then come over to the news section

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iPhone 6 Case Hydra from InnerExile, Screen Protector from CINDER

Today I am showing off two pieces to protect your iPhone 6 from scratches and keep the screen looking sharp. First product is the Innerexile Hydra Case – a self-healing case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Second is an IndieGoGo project called CINDER: an iPhone 6 glass protector which the glass wraps around the face of the screen. Since the iPhone 6 is curved, most glass covers come up at the edges. CINDER is designed to fit the contour of the front. Check out CINDER: Get an Innerexile Hydra case:

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ZAGG Pocket Wireless Keyboard: Foldable Keyboard for your Smartphone

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:30 — 161.4MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Mobile devices have become more powerful, but sometimes their size makes it harder to do things like type up notes, messages and more. ZAGG is helping those who need to use their phones in more of a laptop setting with the ZAGG Pocket foldable keyboard. I have used ZAGG products for a few years now. The Folio on my iPad has turned that tablet into a more powerful machine and I don’t have to bring my laptop to everything. That is where the...

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GigSalad Helps Find Musicians, Speakers and More

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:26 — 153.4MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS I am not only a videographer, I am also a musician. My band plays regularly and its always difficult to find the right gig. That is where GigSalad comes in. While at SXSW, I got to talk with Steve Tetrault about GigSalad and how it works for not only a perfomer, but also people looking for those performers. GigSalad is not just for bands. Magicians, Clowns, Face painting and even motivational speakers are on this service. As an artist you can sign up...

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Popular Wearable Tech Trends for 2015?

Would you buy a wristband that continuously purifies the air while you are running? If you like gadgets like this, you are going to love the following ideas. A few of these gadget ideas could possibly make an appearance in the future, so keep your eye out for them. However, some of these devices are already on the market. A Wristband Unlike Any Other Alexandr Kostin, an inventor, designed an air purifier that can be worn on your wrist all day long. You can wear this device while running, or use it while taking a stroll through the mall. The...

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Top 5 Videos of Geekazine in 2014

Its been a fun ride creating videos this last year. I made some major changes with shows, which really paid off in the end. Geek Smack! got a major overhaul to something more manageable. Here are the top videos you watched: Chromecast vs. Apple TV vs. Roku Throwdown You guys were very interested in Over the Top Television (OTT) and set top boxes. This video had audio issues but you watched it. I even made another version which corrected the audio issues but you still watched this one. That is the power of Social media! Netflix, Amazon or Hulu –...

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Daigo and Justin Wong Re-create Evo Moment 37

For the first part of this article, I want to take you back to a gaming tournament called Evolution 2004. At the time, a gamer called Daigo was facing off against Justin Wong in Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. It was a top-8 match where the winner could only advance to the next round if they won two out of 3 games. However, it was during this first game that Daigo create what has now become known as Evo Moment 37. Take a look at this amazing footage of this moment in action. As you will see from the grainy...

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Microsoft Makes Project Spark Free on XBox One and Windows 8.1 PCs

Earlier on in the year, you might remember that Microsoft announced a game called Project Spark. It allows players to create their own games and worlds (including a pinball game).  It’s been in beta for a while now, but it has finally become a full, finished game. Better still, Microsoft have released the game and it’s available right now for the XBox One and Windows 8.1. Additionally, I am really glad to report that Project Spark is going to be free to download! Incidentally, there will also be a phsyical version that you can buy with This seems like quite...

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Canon EOS Rebel XSi is My Newest Toy

Long before I did video work and music and computer work, I was a photographer. Very amateur photographer. I ran the darkroom in High school and when I wasn’t playing in bands, I used to take my Fuji digital and snap pictures of other local bands around town. I never got into DSLRs because I was trying to work more with video. Even though DSLR cameras became more flexible, I always went with the pro-sumer models. It was important to get the right shot and the DSLR still needed an operator to focus as subjects moved. Last week I was...

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You Can Play The New Unreal Tournament Now!

In case if you missed it, the folks over at Epic Games have published the pre-alpha build of the new Unreal Tournament. At the time of publishing, there are no official servers so if you want to host your own, then there will be a lot of work to do if you want to do that. In this build, you get access to a few maps and a lot of weapons. You also get the ability to play against bots. However, there are a few caveats here. As this is a super-early version of the game there are going to...

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Gaming Fun Comes To Wikimania 2014

Full disclosure: I am in the core organising team for Wikimania. For one evening only at Wikimania 2014, there will be a huge gaming event known as the Wikimania Games Corner. For one night, there will be a dedicated space to play a variety of games. As far as electronic games go, you will expect to find Mario Kart Wii(Nintendo Wii), OpenArena(PC/Linux/Mac) and Streets of Rage(Sega Mega Drive) to name but a few of the games that you can play. If you’re really lucky, you might be able to get your hands on the Elite: Dangerous beta and get a...

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Sustainability Blues: Drinking Water Issues Around the World – Further with Ford

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:13:32 — 1,009.6MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS If you live outside the US, you might be very aware of the drinking water issues. Inside the US – you might not know this but in the next 10-20 years you will be faced with a drinking water shortage. While at the Further with Ford conference in Dearborn, MI I learned about how the world deals with getting clean drinking water. The Sustainability Blues also opened my eyes in the fact this resource is getting taxed. There are 7 billion in the...

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Sale for $4.99 (£2.49)

As part of the Steam Summer Sale, one of the huge deals of the promotion is Skyrim.  The game is normally £9.99 but has been reduced to £2.49($4.99). At the time of publishing, there is only one hour left on this deal. So if you’ve been waiting for a good discount on this game, then now is the best time to jump on it. And jump on it now because this is a great game with a metascore of 94/100. For the record, I never actually played Skyrim. I wanted to do so but could not afford the hefty price...