Kodak Playtouch: Kodak Zi8, Zi10 Video Cameras Side by Side

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  • suraj

    i added videos from pc by converting it to mp4 format…but my kodak doesn”T plays that video..it says unrecognised format..plz tell me how to put a video….

  • http://www.suiteminute.com Peggy Duncan

    Thanks for the great comparison. Have you found a wireless mic that works with either of these?

  • http://www.geekazine.com Gregg Delmet

    Just bought the playtouch. Wondering if you know how to delete the memory card so the minutes are refreshed? I will delete a video, but it wont give me the minutes back on the sd card.
    Thanks in advance, Gregg

  • MarkHu

    Just to clarify about the USB connectors:

    The micro-USB port is for charging only.

    The USB plug swingout “arm” is for data-downloading (and charging).

    P.S. the Zi10 is on sale today for $59 at http://1saleaday.com/ @Kodak @1saleaday

  • LE

    I just got a Zi10, and they have a red “recording” light on the front.

  • Mlefev6

    You mention one frustrating issue- the mic input defaults to middle volume when powered off on the Zi8. Another problem is that EVEN WITH THE UNIT PLUGGED IN it powers down after no more than 3 minutes idle. Same with the Zi10?

  • http://www.videoparachute.com/ Tw

    Thanks, this was helpful.
    I just saw the Zi10 on the clearance shelf and was wondering if it might be a handy thing to have around, for fun and who knows what else.

  • Will McAllister

    Hi Jeff, thanks for the review, it was great. I have heard that there is a remote that can be used to control the Zi8 and Zi10 but can’t find one. Can you help?