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Blue Snowball Mic – Geekazine Review

Blue Mic

Blue Mic

This week we review the Blue Snowball Microphone. It is a powerful USB microphone from Blue that offers a functional mic over USB in a good price range.

Blue offers many different microphones for commercial and professional use. If you’ve watched Todd Cochrane and the Geek News Central Podcast from uStream, you will have seen their mics. They have been used by Podcasters all the way to reporting from the Newsroom on a few Network news shows.

If the Snowball is too big, you can also check out the Snowflake: a travel USB mic – or the Eyeball: with a built in Webcam.

Also check out the YouTube Version of the Geekazine Review

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  • Ken

    I am doing a live webcast. There will be approx 4 people at a table all withing 5 feet of the mic. Would a snowball work well in this case? Is it good for live webcasts or only for recording? Thanks for any help -Ken