Day in Tech History Pre-Cap for October 17th – 23rd

DITH144 Day in Tech History Pre Cap for October 17th   23rdEvery Week, we’ll give you a Pre-cap of what will the Day in Tech History ( will be talking about. Of course, the day in tech history is a daily rundown of technology history – 365 days a year. So there is always a new podcast to listen to!

This is also a CC – Share Alike, so use this video for your podcasts or video shows!

  • October 17: 1985 – The 80386 DX is released by Intel
  • October 18: 1985 – NES is released in New York
  • October 19:  1985 – First Blockbuster opens
  • October 20: 2004 – First Ubuntu Linux distribution is released
  • October 21: 1986 – President Ronald Reagan signed the Electronic communications Privacy act in to law
  • October 22: 1996 – Memorandum of Understanding
  • October 23: 2000 – The iPod is introduced

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