I Quit. Here is My Resignation.

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  • Tanner Campbell

    To long. did not read.

    haha kidding buddy. Well written.

    Perhaps a vacation is in order – an experience maybe. Pick something off your bucket list and go do it before you write one more word about tech. Take a break.

  • http://netcaststudio.com Steve

    I’ve known you a couple years now and you’ve always been explosive with what you create, provide, and drive toward your vision. You are not alone however when it comes to what you have written about. Whether in the tech space, content creation or just life getting in the way, there are positives which will flow from them, though you won’t see it now. When you are doing something you are passionate about, working hard, and have your entire heart into it, a road block to the goals can be at best frustrating. You mention some pretty amazing individuals in your post. Collectively, the group and community is stronger and more powerful than any other sources. Here is the most important part. You have admitted, confronted, and made your feelings and desires known…. Now it’s time to conquer. We are with you.

  • Paul Muller


    Well that would have sucked.. you just booking off and leaving other poor podcasters to wallow in the dirt without you.. I’ve hit that wall a couple of times myself. I know how you feel, and I applaud your effort in getting past it. Hosting these shows is a marathon, and breaking through the wall takes time. I suggest a break. Just step away for a month and see if it is still enjoyable. If it isn’t don’t stop creating just make differernt things. Only make things for you dude.

    There are others out here, we may not have any money, but we are here. I’d like to tell you that everything is going to turn up rosy, hell i wish i could say so for myself. Just play to your strengths and people will listen. if they don’t move on to something else.

    Good on ya man for finding something at the end of the tunnel

  • D.M.

    There is a posting on Google+ by Baratunde Thurston about an opening at The Onion. Worth a look to see if maybe it’s something you’d be interested in.

    • http://twitter.com/yanqui Nancy Jones

      OMG, that would be sooooo cool!

  • http://twitter.com/yanqui Nancy Jones

    You scared me!

  • Tweetygale

    Life is full of disappointments and dispair. I can only wish you luck and hope your new direction is a positive one for you. Keep your chin up, and something good can only come from it. Do not focus on the past. The people that have deserted you with no explination have the problem. I can relate to working hard to do something and it get dumped down the drain and all your hard work goes with that. I stick that into my personal achievements and use it to my best advantages when I can. Good Luck….

  • just sayin’

    as someone whom you “just left with no explaination” i call karma.