Why Kevin Rose Should be the Next CEO of Microsoft

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  • Startrooper 1337

    Dafuq did I just read!!!!

  • mygreg

    Absolute great post ! I recognize here a true Rose’s fan :) So am i too !
    I think it would be a great thing but imho Kevin needs more maturity to lead Microsoft.
    His job at Ventures is like a crazy game : talk, invest in a lot of great products. His investments are great but the big things were already there.
    Beeing at the head of Microsoft is really different than beeing at Digg’s head.

  • Joe

    I second the motion!
    I’m sure Kevin would take tech giant to the next level. Microsoft needs to refocus on customers rather then trying to reinvent the look of their software to try to re-sell the “NEW” software to the same tired market.

  • Matt Kirby

    If Kevin Rose because CEO of Microsoft every other company in the PC market would go bankrupt. He’d throw the PC industry 30 years into the future immediately. The man’s a genius.