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Episode 16 11608 0

Episode 16 11608

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Vinyl Making Comeback? 0

Vinyl Making Comeback?

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS608-205-4378 [email protected] Time/CNN reports about Vinyl making a comeback. Reality is Vinyl has never really left.

5 minute show Ep1 – 1-11-08 2

5 minute show Ep1 – 1-11-08

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS5 minute show 608-205-4378 [email protected] On the Techpodcasts Network, Blubrry Network. CES – Bug Labs – MacPro – FyreTV – Google at 20 Petabytes a day Amazon to add BMG Music OLPC Falling apart?

Where is DRM going? 0

Where is DRM going?

I remember when I got my first MP3. It was 1999, and I was pulling it from a P2P site that doesn’t exist anymore. That, well, and the entire collection of photo shopped Brittany Spears pictures. Back then, rights were being trampled and we did it because we didn’t know better. Nowadays, we have people right and left telling us that downloading music is not legal. Some people have turned to legal methods of music acquisition – 99 cents per song, or through a subscription service like Napster or Rhapsody. Others decided to take their chances and continue downloading and trading music. And because of this, companies have begun the attempt to curb the illegal download of such music. But as they did that, both artists and consumers rights were getting trampled, which lead us to ask the question: Does DRM actually work?

Episode 14 1-02-08 3

Episode 14 1-02-08

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2008 Predictions in Technology by techpodcast members 3

2008 Predictions in Technology by techpodcast members

“Don’t Tase me, Bro.” is being heralded as the top quote of 2007. Who would have guessed that? Well, some tried to in early 2007. Predicting the future is not just a psychics’ job. Then again, we are not predicting – we are analyzing – Seeing trends in the last year to determine what is coming out next year. I went through some of the predictions of 2007. Some were dead on. Social Networking and Apple devices seemed to top the list in this subject. Other predictions – well, not so much. Now we are fast approaching 2008. There is a lot of technology that was debuted in 2007 and since they are still in their infant stages, we will see them ramp into tools that change the way we compute. 2007 was also a year of rethinking. Going Green is one of the ways we rethought things....

2007 – the Retrospect 0

2007 – the Retrospect

Everyone puts them out; the best – and worst – of 2007, all in one article. And Geekazine is no different. However, we’re taking a slightly different approach. It’s more of a look back to see what has happened in the last year and maybe some hints for what should be done in 2008. Gets you wondering what items you lived without a year ago and what you can’t live without today. So without further ado…. Let’s start with the beginning of the year. It was good. PS3 came out in the console wars, and it was predicted that it will win out of the 3 game systems. That still has to happen. SSD was introduced at CES, and it was tech that is long overdue. The static drives can reduce heat, battery consumption and wait times loading the machine. The technology is slowly coming down to earth...

Episode #13 12-26-07 0

Episode #13 12-26-07

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Episode #12 12-19-07 0

Episode #12 12-19-07

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Episode #11 12-12-07 0

Episode #11 12-12-07

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