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Episode #11 12-12-07 0

Episode #11 12-12-07

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSNew look on site, Shovelling snow, need new computer – this one’s too noisey. Twitter – MySpace – Sponsors: Get your 14 day free trial by selecting this link. Get $10 off $200 in our Computer store Shop Now at the Apple Store for Holiday Deals Download the show (MP3) News: Transistor to turn 60 – Gizmodo CompUSA to Close – WSJ ISP Ads? – Techdirt Service Pack Blocker Kit – PC World Office2007SP1 – ActiveNetwork Commodore64 Still Loved – VoIP on iPod Touch? – TUAW On the Geek: Cheaper Solar Cells? Top 10 Games of the Year Try a Phone Before you Buy LCD Glut AMD Quad Core Problems Phishing 2.0 – PCWorld NSFW Trademark? – Wired AT&T 40 Gbps – BusinessWeek Hard Drive Won’t Share MP3 – Wired Lost in DRM – BBC OGG! – PC...

Episode #10 12-05-07 0

Episode #10 12-05-07

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSI really like WordPress. AJAX Rocks! Pictures to come. Lots of news on a Snowy Week. I have to shovel again when this show is done…. 608-807-4379 – [email protected] Twitter – Sponsored by Get your 14 day free trial by selecting this link. Sponsored by Get $10 off $200 in our Computer store Shop Now at the Apple Store for Holiday Deals Google Bids 700Mhz – Yahoo German iPhones Relocked – Wired Porn Sites’ New Tactics – ABCNews Geek Squad Porn Ring Busted – The Consumerist Green Employees See Red – NetworkWorld CCTV Could Track Branded Suspects – BBC On The Geek: Facebook Changes, Again. 3.3 Billion Mobile Phone Subscriptions YouTube Still Dominant in US Mobile Phone Did NOT Kill Man MySpace Suicide goes unpunished – Cnet Important FireFox Update – PCWorld Dell Makes 40,000 PCs with Ubuntu – Register...

VP#3 11-29-07 VNC into your Mac 0

VP#3 11-29-07 VNC into your Mac

If you use a Mac AND a PC, you may need to switch back and forth. VNC might be the best way to do so without cables, extra keyboards and mice. Here is how you do it.

Episode #9 11-28-07 4

Episode #9 11-28-07

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSShow is now on Zencast. OpenDNS is now active. Assessment tests are a pain. Ubuntu on Virtual PC and a lot more news. 608-807-4379 – [email protected] Links: Opendns Sponsored by Get your 14 day free trial by selecting this link. Band Sues Guitar Hero Over Likeness – USA Today Does EeePC Violate Linux GPL? – iTWire Leopard a Perfect 10?… – Yahoo Maybe not… – Cnet Hidden Terminal Commands in Leopard – Mac OSX Tips On the Geek: Internet Cut off for P2P users Live Documents Facebook Sharing Info Opera Mini hits 1Million Downloads SPAM is Worse than Ever – USA Today XP benchmarks better than Vista – Cnet Verizon Says Bring your Own – New York Times Brookstone Virtual Store – ZDNet Macbook Pro Drive Defect – Engadget Python Updates in 2008 – CIO Playing Desert Bus for Charity – Kotaku...

Unlocked iPhones, EeePC, Total HD, Smartphone Security 11-26-07 1

Unlocked iPhones, EeePC, Total HD, Smartphone Security 11-26-07

T-Mobile has turned the tables in Germany by unlocking iPhones so the users can choose which service to use. This was to counter a restraining order by rival Vodaphone. But was that the best idea and more importantly, will that happen anywhere else? Let’s answer the second part first. Don’t expect this to happen anywhere else. And also don’t expect to get a German iPhone shipped to you – unless you are willing to head to Germany and pay $1500 for it.

Roundup #3 – Then and Now – 11-24-07 0

Roundup #3 – Then and Now – 11-24-07

I remember the Holidays back in the 70’s and 80’s. It was a different time then. Phones were wired at the house, we all watched TV on a 20” CRT monitor, and video games were on an Atari, NES or SEGA system. Cars ran on Regular (til  the early 80’s) or Unleaded and sometimes Diesel. You spent about 20 minutes outside warming up and scraping off the car. Albums were on CD. And all your Spam came in letter format, through Magazines or TV commercial. Does anyone remember the onslaught of Ronco products, Patsy Cline and Zamfir album commercials? Send only 9.99 plus S&H to the address on your screen? They were only a minute long. Not 30. Remember flipping through 3-4 channels and watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” on all of them Christmas eve?

Episode#8 11-21-07 0

Episode#8 11-21-07

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSThis week we talk about tons of stuff you can give your geek for the holidays. Also, looking for people to help write and link sites. 608-807-4379 – [email protected] Sponsored by Get your 14 day free trial by selecting this link. Fake Online Friend leads to Girls’ Suicide – CNN 1/2 Million Databases have no Firewall – Network World Firefox 3.0 leaves in over 700 bugs – AppScout First Look at Firefox Beta 1 – ars Technica Vodaphone Gets Restraining Order on TMobile iPhone – CNNMoney On PayPal Secure Card AT&T Offers First Napster Phone Patent Lawsuit for SMS messaging 2007 Holiday Gift Guide Ron Paul Collects $4Million Over Internet – LinuxInsider The Whole Internet on this Page – Wordtothewise AMD Spider – Cnet Commodore XX – Lockergnome Sony Slashes PS3 Dev Kit Price – Engadget Don’t want to buy a PS3 for Guitar Hero? Get...

Video Episode #2 – Don’t forget Power Supply 0

Video Episode #2 – Don’t forget Power Supply

Going to upgrade your computer? Don’t forget to update your Power Supply.


Geekazine Weekly Podcast #7 11-14-07

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSEpisode #7 – 11-14-07 608-807-4379 – [email protected] $10 Million Dollar Challenge from Google – MSNBC 2500 Marvel Comics Go Online – Mashable OSX 10.5.1 in testing – Apple Insider 64GB Solid State Drive – Engadget 64GB SSD Bootup Time In a MacBook Pro – On Blu-ray Dominates HD DVD with 71% Disc Sales HTC Launches Touch Cruise Microsoft version of Flickr/YouTube? TiVo Service Pricing Change More News Eye-Fi – Wired The Mac Has Won? – Machinist 100 fastest Growing Companies – CNNMoney Big Brother Watching – Venture Itch for Sale? – Valleywag The MySpace Phishing Scam – WCBSTV Macy’s is NOT giving away a $500 shopping card Trend Micro offers Security Service for PS3 – Yahoo Nissan’s Color Changing Paint – DailyTech Wal-Mart $200 PC Sells out – Slashdot First Hybrid Car was 1901 Porsche – ecoGeek Contests: Crestock Photoshop...


Weekly Focus #1- 11-11-07

Veterans Day. The day where we remember the men and women who have fought for us and subsequently died for our freedom. From the Civil War to today, Americans have given their life for their country. We remember that, and we honor that. Technology and War are two things that go hand in hand. The newest advances will give the advantage swiftly and sometimes without prejudice. Whether it was the first Bomber Planes in WW1, the first use of mobile communications or the nuclear assault on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945. Each advantage turns War into a new game. Whoever is on top of their technology game can turn a battle to their advantage. Remember the movie “Small Soldiers” (1998)? Action figures with a smart chip embedded in their systems start battling each other once activated. Today we have Robots that do things like disarm bombs and unmanned...