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Powerful LG-V10 Smartphone Video Review

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSFirst I have to say I am not a fan of the larger smartphone. However, the LG V10 is a phone I saw myself using. It does have some downfalls that make it tougher to recommend. Verizon Wireless gave me the phone to test out while I was in Vegas for CES 2016. LG V-10 Specs This is a removable battery and memory expandable smartphone. The LG V10 contains a Quad-core Snapdragon 808 chip for a nice crisp screen in day or night. This phone is also called a two-screen phone; the 5.7 inch IPS Quantum display with Quad HD resolution and a separate strip at the top of the phone to access time, basic apps (like flashlight and camera), weather and more. You can even customize the message on top. The main camera is 16 MP, and the front facing facing camera is...


Gain Space with a Wall Mounted Ergotron Home Hub27 Desk

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSSometimes we live in tiny spaces from New York city apartments to households of 2 or more kids. You might not have space for a full desk. While some efficiencies have murphy beds, Ergotron Home helps with making the work desk the same. The Hub27 is an adjustable height work unit that you attach to a wall. The table flips up to bring a small footprint into your living space. It can also store your electronics, stationary, pens, paperclips and other items you may need for everyday office work. It can also be put into any room to give you an extra surface to work with. In the kitchen it could hold the iPad full of recipes. In the garage you can have Youtube videos pulled up on fixing your car. Even the bedroom for a midnight work surge. The Hub27 also is lockable...


Triby: A Unique Assistant Delivered with Amazon Alexa

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSLast year Amazon Echo brought personal assistance to the home. Inside is Alexa, the voice behind this technology. Amazon is working with other companies to bring Alexa Voice Service into their products. Invoxia is one of those companies with their latest device called “Triby”. This is a family-friendly device that can be set on counters or magnetically placed to the fridge or other metallic area. The device is not only a hands-free speaker for music, cell calls and VoIP calls, but is also a way for the family to communicate when they are not at home. Connected to Wifi, family members can connect and send messages via their tablet or phone. They don’t even need a cell signal if they are away from the house. Simply connect to a Wifi service and send a pre-programmed message. You can even write simple messages like “I’ll...


Checking out Tascam DR-701D with Timecode Sync for Great Video

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSWhen I have to record one-on-one videos on the road, I go to my Tascam Video camera recorder. The newest version in the DR-701D adds video time-code so I can sync up audio better. I sit down with Jeff Laity at CES 2016 to learn more about this audio product. Whether using a DSLR, Prosumer camera, smartphone or other recording device, audio can become the single most important part. If you are recording multiple sources, separate tracks can be the difference if you have to fix any audio anomalies. When I first saw the DR-701D from Tascam, I was excited to see they added HDMI pass-through and time-code options. Add to it up to 6 audio sources in a multi-track recorder (4 tracks plus stereo mix). In talking with Jeff Laity, I learned Tascam improved not only the functionality of this device, but also the...


Popular Kuerig Kold Makes Coke, Sodas, Tea and Mixers

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSWhile at CES 2016, I got to try out the new Keurig Kold, the cold drink version of the popular Keurig coffee system. While it doesn’t make coffee, it does make some great cold drinks, such as craft sodas, Coke products, tea, sparkling water and even mixers – just add the alcohol or drink it as-is. The Keurig Kold makes a drink in a couple minutes. The pods are different than a standard K-cup. Inside contains compartments to the soda and the carbonation; a series of beads that react to the water. You can watch as your drink is created through the 1-2 minute process. Just like with the coffee system, you simply have to add water and your favorite flavor cup to the system. Then sit back and enjoy a nice tea, sparkling water and more. No coffee drinks yet, but that is...


Play Keyboard in a Different Way with Roli Seaboard Rise

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSIf you are a keyboard player, you’re going to love this. A 2 1/2 octave keyboard that does a lot more than you’re old stand up piano ever did. The Roli Seaboard keyboard allows you to bend, vibrato and even change instrument by how you touch the keys. The tactile unit can connect to iOS, Mac, Windows through an app. The keyboard reacts by how you touch the keys. Start Leggero then crescendo to Maestoso. You can even Glissando to a new note by sliding the finger across the board. The Roli Seaboard is more than just the physical keyboard. The free app on iOS allows you to do the same things on the go. If you have an iPhone 6s (Plus) you can utilize the touch sensitivity to match what you would do on the unit. Roli Seaboard Rise is available for around $800. For...


Cook on Patio Anytime with GoSun Solar Cooker

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSCheck out the GoSun – a solar cooker that you can use indoors or out. The solar panels can get this cooker up to 500 degrees on a sunny day. All you need is sun to make food. Even cook on cloudy days with the battery charge unit. The GoSun works using a thermal tube. The food is put in one of two trays while the drip pan holds grease. You can cook anything from vegetables to burgers in 20 minutes. GoSun is debuting a charging unit for those cloudy days where the battery is not charged. Multiple versions of the GoSun are available. Prices start at $249. Get the GoSun Solar Here


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Kodak CFH-V10 Home Video Monitor Review

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSWhile I was slightly under 4,000 miles away, I could still keep great tabs on my home using this Kodak CFH-V10 Video Monitor from Kodak. This is a small IP camera that not only allows me to monitor what’s going on at home, it can also record events for my review. The CFH-V10 is an HD camera you can watch or listen to at any time via smartphone or computer. Simply install the iSecurity app or go to and login with your credentials. Setup is fairly easy – turn the camera into setup mode, then add your info including home Wifi connection for remote viewing. Get the Kodak CFH-V10 The fish-eye lens captures a great deal of a room. If you need more, such as pan/tilt, you can get a CFH-V15. The camera can detect noise or a person moving throughout the room....


Easybulb Plus WiFi Light Bulb Video Review

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSWhile away from home, I usually set lights on timers to simulate someone at home. This year I used the Easybulb to do that – a 9 Watt bulb that not only can connect to my WiFi for control on my iOS or Android device, but also set timers to turn on and off. This system consists of two parts: the WiFi receiver which communicates between bulb and Internet, and the bulb itself which screws into any standard Edison lamp design. I plugged the WiFi box into the back of my cable box, which was in direct view of the bulb. I can also get a home remote if I don’t want to use my smartphone. The bulb itself is an RGBW – so I can set a mood with color, turn to white and dim it down. Perfect for setting up the room...