Why is Microsoft Ignoring Podcasts?

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Thanks to everyone that nominated Day in Tech History on Podcast Awards. Now we sit and wait for the nominations to come out. This week the roof on the house will be worked on so I have to get this show out ASAP. Might have to find an alternate location if it doesn’t get done by next week. Once again I am running a survey on Geekazine. Please Fill out Survey

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Geek Smack! episode 240 Tech News:


Google Search

Search your email, documents from Google Bar

NBA to Get Better Stats 
– SAP will be using the SAP HANA platform to put together statistical analysis of a basketball game.
Google Updates Main Google Bar
– You can now search email, docs and spreadsheets right from the main text box.
Macbook Retina Pro Deemed Gold
– Although it’s the least repairable, least upgradable computer in years the company gets the highest green mark
Surface Gets a Price
– $499 for 32 GB ARM based Microsoft Surface and $599 with the keyboard cover
Encrypting Basic Cable
– FCC OKs encrypting basic cable. You might need a cable box for every TV now.
Foxconn Hires Underage
–  Some underage employees were as young as 14 years old.
AMD Layoffs
– AMD is preparing to lay off up to 30% of their workforce
Yahoo Steals Google Exec
– Marissa Mayer snags Google exec for COO with a big salary. He better be worth it.
Rights of Your Video
– Just because you paid for it doesn’t mean you can always watch it.
McKinnon Blocked Again
– Hacker will once again not be extradited to the US.
Verizon Monitoring Your Data
– Geographic Data, app usage and browsing habits are getting collected by Verizon
Audit Computer Networking Class
– Stanford class online gives you basics of Computer Networking and it’s free
DMCA Takes Down 1,450,000 Education Sites
-Pearson ordered ServerBeach to take down one site. In result, they took down an additional 1,450,000

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Rely on Coffee

Do you rely on coffee to keep going with your job?

Mobility – Motorized LEGO Wheelchair
Coffee – 10 Professions that Rely on Coffee
LEGO – Stratos Jump in LEGO
Clean – Disgusting Desktops
Infographic – History of the Man Cave
Star Wars – Corn Maze
Amigurumi – Dr Who Tom Baker Doll
Kickstarter – Romo the Smartphone Robot
Space or Science – Planet has 4 Suns
More Space and Science – Diamond Planet

Geek Smack: Microsoft 7, XBox 360 Missing Podcasts



I continue to get confused. Is my craft not that important? Is this show and other shows like mine such small potatoes that our voices are not worth their time?

Last week Microsoft 8 showed the apps the OS comes with. Conspicuously missing was podcasting. Now, XBox 360 is getting an update to match Windows 8 and their program is also missing podcasting.

Will the Surface also be podcast free?

It seems that each week I am defending my profession. Someone writes an article that asks if “Podcasts are dead” or how to revive the podcast. This is very annoying because I don’t see podcasting as a dead technology.

Besides, the word “Podcast” is just a wide-spread word it really can stretch between video and audio shows. This show is a podcast but you can also get it in video format. With 240 episodes and 6 seasons (movie to follow) my show – along with other podcasts – has helped pay bills and get me to great events to interview people like Alan Mulally of Ford, Steve Wozniak, Microsoft, Intel and many other companies.

We need to take a stand and make sure this independent media stays easily accessible.

Geek Smack! is a weekly video show and podcast that comes out every Tuesday evening. Your host: Jeffrey Powers – talks tech news, IT news and geek news for the week. Geek Smack! is ©2012 under a Creative Commons no-deriv license. Never take candy from strangers. If you would like more information about what is technology, recent news, Geekazine, and Jeffrey Powers, feel free to contact him. Jeffrey Powers does interviews, just ask!

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