Geek Smack! 219: Most inspiring Video on the Internet [Video]

GS144 Geek Smack! 219: Most inspiring Video on the Internet [Video]

What a week it’s been! Only problem is I have been mentally drained ever since I got back from Portland. SXSW was an awesome experience, and the Ford Mustang drive was better than anyone would have expected.

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Geek Smack! Tech News:


hp logo 125x125 Geek Smack! 219: Most inspiring Video on the Internet [Video]

HP Merging PC and Printer Groups

Apple iPad Sale
-iPad 2 hit 15.4 million. Will 3rd Gen iPad surpass?
Apple Responds on Heat Issues
- 3rd Gen iPad runs up to 13 degrees hotter. Perfect for arthritis.
HP Joining PC Group, Printers
- Reorg happening at HP
Windows8 on ARM

- Not that many ARM devices will be available
New York Times Chokes Free Content
- Paywall getting larger for NYT content
Browser for your Past
-Lifebrowser maps what you did before the internet
Tattooing to Your Phone
- using ferromagnetic material, you could pair to your phone

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Microwave – Before and After
TwitterTitanic Twitter Timeline 
Star Wars – 1/3 Scale Tie Fighter
Diamond – iPad Sleeve
Weird – Truck on a Truck on a Truck

The most inspiring video you have to watch

If you feel that you cannot do something – If you think that life is turned the wrong corner – Watch this YouTube videoand it will change your mind. Christopher tells it in his own words, and although he cannot speak very well, his words ring out. What a remarkable video – Take 5 minute out to learn more.

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