Geekazine Podcast Ep 97 – 7-29-09 – More Codes in SOP Contest


Challenge to Notebook / Netbook Makers. The Podcast Machine back up and running… – Final Days – Summer of Podcasts & announcement on Podcast Carnivale – Three more to Show 100 (August 19th). Thoughts out to Andy McCaskey. Looking for some supplemental income.

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
FreeyourID is Free
Sex Offender iPhone
Changes in
China Bans Mafia Wars
Intel Halts SSD – The fastest data corruption possible.
WD on Laptop 1TB
Million Dollar Netflix Challenge – Revamp and win
Samsung Chips Hit 1Ghz – Speed baby!
Monkey Brain
The 3-D Revolution – James Cameron’s Titanic will go on.

Special Report:
The AP and it’s Practices
Apple Tablet Rumor

Apple Blocks Google Voice
17+ Apps
AT&T Blocks 4chan
Verizon Palm Pre
-Sprint Acquires Virgin

QOTW – Do you use Hotel TV or your Notebook?

What is ‘Augmented Reality’?
Hotel Entertainment Changing?

Desktop Background
Great .gov Websites
Bike of the Future
Gizmodo Apple Hype Probability Meter
7 Ways Technology Owns You
I lost the Cheese

How to guess the number of M&M’s

HP Technology Forum Videos – Backchannel
CES Videos – Geekazine
CMSExpo Videos – SDRNews

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