AllHat V, MashBash Parties – SXSW 2013

Autism horse geekazine sxsw 250x187 AllHat V, MashBash Parties   SXSW 2013

Horse-boy – Horses for Autism

It was a great Sunday at SXSW as I started at one of my favorite places in Guero’s and AllHat V. It once again was sponsored by Chevy. One thing you need when going to this event is a cowboy hat. My band hat for some reason did not make the trip, so I used the next best thing – the Horse head.

I got to talk with some great people and make new connections. It was a fun time. I also learned about Horse Boy – a group that uses horses for children with Autism. They were letting people sit on top of the horses as the trainer got them on their hind legs.

No – I didn’t get on a horse.

hootsuite bike geekazine sxsw 187x250 AllHat V, MashBash Parties   SXSW 2013

Hootsuite Bike

From there I stopped by the Fast Company Grill to find out what was going on. They had retro gaming in the back for prizes and of course the great food at the grill. Next door was an exhibit by Lincoln, where they were registering only 500 people for a trip back to Austin with your own personal assistant.

After spending some time at the TechZulu blogger lounge, I stopped by the AT&T – American Airlines hackathon. Hackers had 24 hours to develop for American Airlines API, which they released to the group that day. It’s part of their road trip hackathon.

zane aveton boots geekazine sxsw 250x187 AllHat V, MashBash Parties   SXSW 2013

Zane Aveton’s Rain Boots

I spent time with the Social Media Club in their annual SMC hangout. Got to talk to some new members, along with familiar faces. It was a great time and I got to admire Zane Aveton’s boots.

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Steve Garfield at Wiley Party

From there it was off to the Wiley party where I met a lot of today’s book authors. C.C. Chapman, Scott Stratton, Brian Solis and Steve Garfield were amongst many at the party. I met Jeremy Blum, who is writing an Arduino coding book.

General lee geekazine sxsw 250x187 AllHat V, MashBash Parties   SXSW 2013

General Lee

Then it was off to a couple parties – starting with National Geographic’s 80′s party to usher in a new TV series “The 80′s: The Decade that made us”. I got a couple interviews along with a few pictures of the General Lee, Back to the Future Delorean and A-Team van. Everyone was dressed in 80′s attire and it brought back a lot of memories…

From there it was to Mashable’s “MashBash” which is one of the biggest parties at SXSW Interactive. I talked with YappEm, who was giving away a Samsung TV and lots of cash prizes. Find the coins to get $10 each.

Met up with friends Wesley and Meredith at the Firehouse for a little Sunday night blues music. Then it was off to bed. Definitely a funday Sunday…

005 allhat mashbash geekazine sxsw AllHat V, MashBash Parties   SXSW 2013

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