Cinnafilm Brings Dark Energy to Clean up Old, Grainy Video – NAB 2013

Ernie Sanchez - COO Cinnafilm

Ernie Sanchez – COO Cinnafilm

Creating video nowadays with the right camera can bring you high quality images. Older videos or smaller camera (like GoPro) bring distortions of film grain or low light pixelation.  Cinnafilm addresses these issues with a program called Dark Energy. This software helps upscale video and also clean up the imperfections.

Co-Founder and COO Ernie Sanchez of Cinnafilm discusses some of the products that their company is presenting at NAB, solving this problem. Cinnafilm’s solution – Using the GPU and CPU in their video production – which is why they use HP systems. Their software works best on this combination; the end result is getting videos done faster. Anyone that has sat waiting for a video to render and uploaded before a deadline understands the need for this type of system.

During the video, we get to see Dark Energy in action as they cleaned up some old video and even low light issues in a GoPro camera. Ernie compares taking the video and making it look like it came from the same lens. That is what Dark Energy does.

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