Hantech Tablo – Tablet Functionality with your PC – CES 2009

Want touchscreen capabilities on your desktop or laptop? It would be nice to have that right now. Of course I can’t just go get a cover to do that. Or can I?

hantech2 Hantech Tablo   Tablet Functionality with your PC   CES 2009

Brian shows of the Tabloo

Andy the Cameraman found this product. Todd Cochrane talked with Brian as he showed a product called Hantech Tablo- a cover that will turn your screen into a touchscreen.

*UPDATED 4-21-10*

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System Requirement
CPU : Over 1GHz Pentium compatible
RAM : Over 512 MB
Interface : USB port / CD-ROM driver

Memory : 170mm-358mm diagonal (15×4 inch)
Power source : DC5V(USB) / LR41 Cell Battery
Technology : Ultrasonic and Infrared
Sampling rate : Over 70 Hz
Device standard : HID pen device

In the box:

  • Station
  • Tablo Pen
  • Deco Fixture
  • Double Sided Adhesive
  • Guide Tape
  • Pen Top Case
  • Pen Tips
  • 10 Batteries
  • Ballpoint Pen Tip

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