Jason English on LISA and Service Virtualization – CAWorld 2013

Jason English

Jason English

I got to talk with Jason English, Director of product marketing at CA Technologies. He joined the team when CA acquired ITKO – an enterprise software company dealing in virtualization, SOA and cloud computing.  Their program suite called LISA deals with service virtualization. With LISA, you can test, validate and deploy a program. You can simulate mainframes, databases and whatever your system needs.

This CAWorld for Jason is about Dev Ops. The application delivery bridges the gaps in dev ops. From idea to deployment instantaneously. A lot has to happen for that – which is where LISA comes in. Accelerating the development process.

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  • Nice talking to you Jeffrey, really liked the format of these interviews. Just for reference, the sites I’m referring to here are:
    – The Service Virtualization / DevOps Community: http://servicevirtualization.com
    – the CA DevOps Twitter handle: http://twitter.com/CA_DevOps @CA_DevOps
    – CA LISA 7 Product Information: http://ca.com/lisa
    Lots of good information out there on how the practices of using virtual development and test environments, continuous delivery, and data mining contribute to the DevOps tool chain.