OTT #5: Roku Secret Channels

Dr Bill the Computer Curmudgeon

Dr Bill the Computer Curmudgeon

Episode 5 of the OTT gets us the news we are officially on iTunes. Add us (link below). We also got our first viewer mail. It’s from Dr. Bill, the computer curmudgeon. He wants to give out a tip for those using the Roku.

Did you know you can get more content than what’s in the channel store? Applications on Roku can be Public or Private. If they are private, you have to call up a special spreadsheet and get the codes so you can get them on your Roku.

These channels are mostly beta channels, but you could easily have content that doesn’t show up in the normal store. In looking at the newest content, I noticed a couple erotic channels on the Roku. Of course, you need to get subscriptions to use the channels.

Enter the channel code at

Find the codes in the Roku Database

YouTube and uStream channels are available through this method. There is also a channel that lets you pull from your home network media.

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