PAPAGO! P3 HD Dashboard Cam, GPS and Video Recorder



I remember watching those videos of dash cams while growing up and thinking how great it would be to have my own camera mounted on my car. Today’s technology lets us do that in many ways. My friends at PAPAGO! have been working on such a camera with the P3 HD camera.

This is a dashboard camera that can be set on a windshield, or mounted on the dash. It can also be connected right to the 12 volt line, or you can use the USB cigarette adapter.

What this does do is not only record your drive in 1080p, but also help on your driving. The P3 includes the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), lane departure warning system (LDWS) and driver fatigue alarm (DFA) which will make sure you are not dozing off behind the wheel.

Other features include alerts when headlights are needed, and front collision warning system (FCWS).

The camera has 130 degree viewing lens, so if you centrally place the camera, you can get a full view of the road. With the SD card slot you can record your travels in 5 minute increments. Attach an HDMI mini cable and you could send to a computer for recording or run a Google Hangout or other event (wifi needed).

The PAPAGO! P3 has built-in GPS, so you can turn on the map screen and see where you are on the road. You can record coordinates, speed, direction and dates while driving.

The P3 also captures audio if set. The microphone is placed on the bottom side of the unit.

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The Bad – PAPAGO! P3

P3 on Stand

P3 on Stand

The biggest issue is no built-in battery. If your car loses power, the camera turns off. You can use external power sources, such as a Mophie charger I used during the video.

The video files are also not in .MP4 format. They are .ts – a form of Mpeg video which can be viewed using Quicktime or other video players. The video splits every 5 minutes, so you will need an editor if you want to put the video together as one.

Nighttime driving is OK, although the warning systems have a hard time reading the road when there is no other light sources.

Full POV timelapse of evening drive.

Overall – PAPAGO! P3

The video is really clear, the GPS functionality works well and the device allows you to record or shoot pictures. For someone who records their driving habits, or a service fleet that wants to record where a car goes and how fast they drove, this device flips the bill. The P3 is under $300, so

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  • Rachel Quaill

    Nice review! The .ts file can easily be put through a converter when you want to use it to edit with. I made videos using this method and did not run into any problems.

  • Jock Smith

    I have a P3 dashcam, but cannot access the speed sign recognition programme. Anyone have a fix for this problem?