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AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) develops computer processors and semiconductors. Founded in 1969, the Sunnyvale, CA company competes head to head with Intel for consumer and corporate market share. AMD has been on the brink of bankruptcy several times, but have found ways to bounce back. AMD is most known for their Athlon series processors, with 64 bit architecture.

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AMD Introduces the Athlon Processor (Wikazine – 1999)

AMD Introduces the Athlon 4 Processor (Wikazine – 2001)

AMD on Thunderbolt 3, Vega, Linux Crimson Drivers

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAMD has some awesome stuff coming up in 2017. I got to talk with Jason Megit of AMD about their use of Thunderbolt 3 in their systems, but we also talked about Linux use and their newest line of video graphics cards in AMD Vega. AMD and Thunderbolt 3 Even though Thunderbolt is an Intel technology, it’s also a standard for all to use. That is why you will see Thunderbolt 3 in AMD laptops as well. After all, everyone needs the 40 GB data transfer, ability to connect dual 4K monitors and even a way to power the laptop. AMD with Linux on Thunderbolt 3 A lot of Linux systems and STEAM game systems also will benefit from the use of Thunderbolt 3. With the use of AMD’s Crimson drivers, you will be able to utilize your machine and the full...


Chris Pirillo on AMD: Launching Communities – CES 2013 Live

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSChris Pirillo stops by the TPN CES Live stream at a down time to talk about the AMD booth. He was invited by AMD to talk about their new lines and also promote the Communities in Social networking. ( [cessponsor] Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Scott Ertz of F5 JEFF: Hey, look who’s here. Have a seat, have a seat really quick. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Chris, did you do the earphones? (laughs) Jump up here really quick this’ll take a second. Okay, through there. How you doing Chris? Chris: It’s nice to sit down I’ve been standing for 10 minutes. JEFF: All 10 minutes? CHRIS: Yeah it was brutal. JEFF: Was it on the tram here? CHRIS: No, it was waiting in line for the men’s room. There are lines everywhere. It was funny, there was line here but they said hey...

GWP 2011-04-06 #183: Should You be Worried about .ly TLD? 1

GWP 2011-04-06 #183: Should You be Worried about .ly TLD?

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAnother Monster show for you as we are starting to approach episode 200. A bit of miscalculation for some iPhone watchers, I outline in the show. Also had some website issues because of the GoDaddy outtage 2 weeks ago, you might get a couple 500 errors, but hopefully not all the time (let me know if the site is loading too slow). Finally, trying Trellian over Kompozer to create the show notes – better results, too. Finally, plans for New York and Vegas underway. GoDaddy services saves you lot’s of money. Check out Geekazine GoDaddy codes Sponsor:Mozy Unlimited Backup – $4.95/Month The video portion of this show is shot using Wirecast for Windows – Also for Mac OS X Snorg Tees: Choose from a wide selection of cool Tees! Check out the Geekazine Store Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) Download the...

Dan Bowers, James Singer Talk Proliant Then and Now – HP Proliant Day 0

Dan Bowers, James Singer Talk Proliant Then and Now – HP Proliant Day

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSBack then, in servers old, in order to get 32 GB of memory, you would need 64 sticks. Nowadays, 1 DDR3 stick is all you need. We are getting slimmer and more powerful. We are also getting smarter in our servers. Cost of ownership gets worse, but you need faster and cooler systems. HP works hard to build systems that are new, fast and green. This session, we talk about all the innovations HP uses, then they have a little demonstration – a competition between AMD and Intel.

“Battery Died” 0

“Battery Died”

David Pogue discusses manufacturer’s claims of the longevity of laptop batteries in the New York Times. The post is here. It’s worth a read. He discusses how the “tests” of laptop battery life are in no way connected to how persons use laptops. A sample: Another problem: Unlike CIPA’s camera tests, the MobileMark test protocol doesn’t reflect real-world use. Consider, for example, the screen. It’s the most power-hungry component of a laptop, so specifying how bright it is during your test is extremely important. Well, the MobileMark test specifies that you have the screen set to 60 nits (a brightness measurement). Not to nitpick, but at full brightness, the screens on modern laptops put out 250 to 300 nits. Read the whole thing to see the extent of the disconnect between how you and I use our laptops and how manufacturers “test” battery life.

Week in Tech History – Proxy Battle On; Microsoft’s Last Bid 0

Week in Tech History – Proxy Battle On; Microsoft’s Last Bid

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSBrought to you by GotoAssist Express – Get a 30 day free trial. – This was a pivitol week on the Yahoo Proxy battle as everything was approved to go. Carl Icahn was given the green light to lobby shareholders and possibly win control to ready for a new Yahoo. The previous week, we saw all the reports of Carl Icahn making the statement: Jerry Yang must go. This week was no different. In the meantime, Microsoft made one more offer. This time it wasn’t for the whole company – it was only for the search engine. $35 a share for Yahoo Search. This was significant because this was the same bid Microsoft did back in February for the whole company. Other great items in the Week in Tech History Quickcast – TI/99 restructures, Jacques Cousteau was born. We also saw Commodore,...

Week in Tech History – 4-13-09 – Psystar Debuts 0

Week in Tech History – 4-13-09 – Psystar Debuts

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSBrought to you By GoToAssist – Go to for a 30 day free trial Psystar came on the scene with a very interesting proposition: Get a PC with Mac OS X. Can it be done? Ever since the switch from PowerPC to Intel, Mac software has been attempted and successfully installed on PC’s with Intel and AMD processors. So the next step would be to have someone package it up, right? Well, no. Apples’ End User License Agreement states that the OSX software can only be run on Mac approved hardware. Therefore, Psystar breeches the agreement. Psystar still continued on. Only hours after the websites caught on about this company, the website went down. People started speculating more about this “Publicity stunt”. The company “PowerPay” ended their contract with Psystar because they were not honoring the Service Agreement. Psystar said “That’s OK....

Will Customer Service Suffer from Layoffs? 0

Will Customer Service Suffer from Layoffs?

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSBrought to you by Citrix’ GotoMeeting – Free 30 day trial – No CC needed: You’ve been working at your job for years. You’ve made lots of money for the company and are the most loyal employee they know of. Yet, tough times are ahead and the company decides you are one of the 10% they have to let go to stay afloat. It’s a frustrating thing to have happen, but what are you gonna do? Now let’s flip that: You are at your job and survive the cut, but now you are in the position to take up a part of that person who was laid off. As companies like Intel and Google are looking at trimming the fat, it makes the average consumer wonder – what will our customer experience be without 10% of the workforce?

Podcast Ep. 66 – 12-31-08 – The LAST Episode… 1

Podcast Ep. 66 – 12-31-08 – The LAST Episode…

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS…For 2008 that is… Finally feeling Normal – Las Vegas – New Years – More Panelists on the LIVE Show Try GoToMeeting free for 30 days – No CC needed: Get IT Certified – – 25% off with Code “Geek08” 877-654-2265 All Show Notes are also on Delicious