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OTT #9: Roku 2, Google Revue, HBO Go, Comcast

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 38:43 — 324.3MB) We are bringing more people into the OTT for the first Hangout recording. Today, I talked with Gabriel Guzman and Debbie Webb. Best part, Debbie learned all about what OTT is about. It was a very engaging conversation. Roku 2 is here with Angry Birds Google Logitech Revue’s price drop and possible STB failure HBOgo is available for XBOX360 OTT and VOD will be a $31.1 billion industry in 2016 Comcast Q2 is up Subscribe to the OTT- Subscribe to the OTT via iTunes – We are also on Roku...

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Geek Smack! #194: Password Vulnerability with OSX Lion using Firewire

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 38:19 — 17.5MB) www.thegeeksmack.com – Thanks to all that watched and commented on the Lion OSX Multitouch tutorial. There will be more in the future. Check out the Social Media Breakfast video also – It’s on a local bank doing Marketing Contests. New “Into the Cloud” segment, too! Note for those who receive the email – I am switching out to Google Groups. You will be getting an invite this week. The Techpodcasts group has created a document to find out who our fans our – Please add your name! Geek Smack Sponsor board! Tech...

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Why Blockbuster doesn’t Get It. Get on Roku, Boxee, iPad, Kiosks!

Yesterday I read that More Blockbuster stores are closing. Blockbuster is falling – with a losing 2010 and not a very great first half of 2011. Yet Netflix and Redbox seem to be doing pretty well. I don’t get it – Doesn’t Blockbuster see the writings on the wall? More important, why are they not on a platforms that work, like Roku or Boxee? I remember when Blockbuster gobbled up local retailer Doorstep Video (they actually delivered movies like pizza), then Video Station. A little company from Texas really put the screws to local video retailers. If you wanted a...