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Twitter Bots Need to be Stopped 1

Twitter Bots Need to be Stopped

I use Twitter a lot. I wanted to stay informed, especially from friends. I decided to port all direct messages to my cell phone. That way I didn’t have to install a Twitter client. At first that was great – I could respond to people I need to talk to. That has all changed with the Twitterbot. Now, if I “Follow” the wrong person, I get a direct message: Thanks for following me. I hope to talk to you, but in the meantime: here is a free gift hllp://i.am.spamming/you. I am not impressed – In fact, I am downright annoyed....

CES – Day 4 Part 2 0

CES – Day 4 Part 2

The morning edition was a great way to start the CES Day. Being able to upload content and write an article right from the CES floor was exciting. It was also great to meet the people behind the company. I joined back up with Todd and Andy at the Verizon booth. They just finished with HP and an independent company, then we were on the go. I did some back channel on in-win cases and the Aiptek booth (because the camera I used at CES was an Aiptek). From there, we talked with the guys at Clearwire in where we...