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Podracer Podcatcher for Linux 0

Podracer Podcatcher for Linux

The two heavy-weights of podcatchers in the Linux world are GPodder (a graphical program) and bashpodder (a command line program with an optional GUI front-end). Almost as long as I have been listening to podcasts, I’ve been using Podracer as my podcatcher, but I have never heard of anyone else who uses it. I find it ideal. Podracer is a small (14kb) script. In the true Unix spirit, it does one thing and does it very well: It downloads podcasts. It does not transcode media, it does not sync with devices, it just downloads. Podracer is available at Sourceforge, but...

WWDC – New iPhone with iOS4, A4 Processor, Gyroscope 0

WWDC – New iPhone with iOS4, A4 Processor, Gyroscope

Well, you might have heard about it in a bar in your area. Heck, you might have seen it in a bar in your area. But the iPhone 4 is now out. Let’s take a quick peek: iPhone 4 The iPhone 4 is 9.3mm thick, with two built-in cameras and two mics. Apple has added a noise cancellation button. The resolution is at 326 pixels, making the resolution 4x better than the 3GS. 16 and 32 GB models. $199 / $299 with contract.  3GS will become $99, but the picture said that would be a 8 GB model. Did the...