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CES Coverage 0

CES Coverage

Of course, we are out here at the Consumer Electronics Show getting ready to video all the cool new stuff out here. I have added the Back Channel and Main content feeds below. If you want to see something, twitter me @geekazine, Todd @Geeknews or Andy @axmc and we’ll see if we can get there. Primary Channel: Back Channel:

TechPodcasts RoundTable – Sony ACID, Joomla, JungleDisk, Lifecasting 0

TechPodcasts RoundTable – Sony ACID, Joomla, JungleDisk, Lifecasting

*NOTE* The show video has been posted – check it out by clicking here. Earlier today I participated in the TechPodcasts RoundTable. John Coonen on Joomla, Andy McCaskey on LifeCasting and Todd Cochrane on JungleDisk. Geekazine has also presented Sony ACID for Podcasting. We talked about what Podcast software is out there, a little bit about ACID and how to record, edit and save a file. The presentation happens at the 42 minute mark. Lots of great stuff. Posting the uStream event now – Once the GoToMeeting version is posted, we will send off the link. Live Videos by Ustream

Episode 15 1-09-08 0

Episode 15 1-09-08

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSSite Changes – Flash Drive Winner – Vocalo.org – Special Report this week – I forgot to talk about my new years plans… AUGH! – Twitter – http://twitter.com/geekazine MySpace – http://myspace.com/geekazine Sponsored by Rhapsody.com. Get your 14 day free trial by selecting this link. Download the show (MP3) CES: Bill Gates Keynote TechPodcasts Back Channel Buglabs.net 832 gig SSD 8 Core Mac Pro Spammer Arrested – CNN Quantum Computers? – National Post OLPC and Intel Part – NewYorkTimes RealPlayer Security Flaw – PCWorld Microsoft fixes Critical flaw – Cnet Apple Bullying Microsoft? – CNNMoney On...

Continuing CES Coverage 3

Continuing CES Coverage

Andy McCaskey and Todd Cochrane are out at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. They will be sending tons of video. You can watch the coverage here on Geekazine! Just hit the ‘Play’ button and it will scroll through all the great videos Andy and Todd are running. Each video is approx. 8 minutes.

24 Hour Podcast coverage: 0

24 Hour Podcast coverage:

You can follow the show here on Geekazine. I will be on at 9:30 PM EST. Show starts @ 11AM EST. *podcast coverage has ended. Todd went 24 hours and raised $800 for OLPC* Congratulations, Todd for a show well done. Geekazine.

The 24 hour podcast – what can it mean for podcasting? 0

The 24 hour podcast – what can it mean for podcasting?

Next week, Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice and host of the Geek News Central Podcast will be hosting a 24 hour marathon to raise money for One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). Starting at 6 am HST (11 AM EST) on December 21st, Todd will be on the air for 24 hours. His plan is to have many guests ask questions and talk about various items. The streams will be on Ustream.TV and Talkshoe.com. This is a first for a tech podcaster. 24hourcomicpodcast.com did a 24 hour podcast for comics back in October. Still, Todd plans to be at the helm...