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Firestarter Firewall for Linux: Policies

E-Book PDF: Open in New Window | Download (568.7KB) This is the second of two posts about the Firestarter Firewall for Linux. The first, which includes download information, is here. The main Firestarter interface includes tabs for Status (discussed in the previous post linked above), Events, and Policy. The Events tab shows connection attempts blocked by the firewall; it can be refined under Edit–>Preferences–>Events. Most users, to the extent that they spend any time in the interface, will spend it configuring policies. By default, Firestarter is “permissive” for outbound connections, meaning that all outbound connections are allowed, and “restrictive” for...

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LIVE Show 11-17-08 – i7, Martin Sargent for Yugo CEO and hackers

Tonights show was another great one! We had a lot of friends show up and a bunch of new ones! Brokenshovel was getting a new motherboard, so we talked about the i7 that just came out. We also talked about Apple’s cores and AMD’s struggles. Someone came on the show concerned they were hacked. We talked about what an IP address does and what the person should do to be more secure. Finally, in hour #2 we found out that Jerry Yang, CEO of Yahoo! has decided to step down. We talked about who the successor should be. Larry Ellison...