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The iPhone debuted in 2007 as Apple’s answer to the new emerging category of “Smartphone“. Steve Jobs announced the new phone and all it’s capabilities, which pretty much changed the phone market. The first version of iPhone ran on AT&T and used the Edge network for internet access. Since then, Apple has come out with a 3G model and expanded to Verizon network. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 have been released. iPhone 5 is expected in Q3 of 2011.


Star Trek Divergence: This Isn’t Your Father’s Star Trek

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSThis week we talk about the Divergence in Star Trek and how the franchise grew from it. We also have images from Comic Con from Amanda Blain, Calvin Lee, and more! I also talk about the HP Pavillion x360, ToughTested USB Charger and the issues I had with copyright when trying to do this Facebook Live Video! Morning Geeks! Episode 13 show notes: – Goodbye Gary Marshall We start on a somber note as we pay tribute to a geek of film, Gary Marshall. This man shaped our viewing habits in so many ways. From Dick Van Dyke Show, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Mork and Mindy, to Pretty Woman, the new Odd Couple, and even the upcoming movie called “Mother’s Day”. There is a bad joke out there saying Scott Baio took him over the line after the announcement that he will be...


The Fanaticism that is Pokemon Go

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSIt’s all about that Pokemon-Go app, isn’t it? Not really, but we will be talking heavily about how this game has changed the mobile rules. If you think it can’t get better / worse, you are grossly mistaken! Morning Geeks! Episode 12 Show Notes: – Check out C.C. Chapman’s instagrams of Mark Hamill at Star Wars Celebration – Looking at the Monoprice 25 Watt Hybrid Tube Amp: – The smallest Nintendo system – Google updates the mobile search – We get to see Kid Flash for the first time – New Live streaming deals on Facebook and Twitter – Daleks can take over your phone? EXTERMINATE! – A mesmerizing string clock – Battle Simulator app – New Movies in Ghostbusters and Phantom Boy – StarWars Rebels – Preview of A Monster Calls


Cool Things You Should Have During a Power Outage

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSso your summer is going well, but that big storm hits and you lose power in the house. Sometimes it’s for an hour. Other times it could go all night. But fear not, because there are some simple things you can do to get through a hot, sweltering night and still have some creature comforts of home! Most items can be found at the store: http://geekazine.com/stormready USB chargers I get a lot of these at conventions – seems to be the new swag. The idea is to use these things to charge your phone when it’s down to 10%. Some can get you back to 50%, some can fully charge your phone 2-3 times. I have used many chargers. One in particular is the MyCharge Razor. 6000 mAh will allow you to keep a phone charged, and also turn it into a power source....


Mukava Sit-Stand Table for Tablet, Bed-side

Last month I slipped a disc to the point where I couldn’t work without taking a break every 20 minutes. Because of this, I relied on my mobile equipment more to keep me moving at least at a snails’ pace. That is where the Mukava table really helped. Mukava is an ergonomic sit stand desk for your mobile devices. This stand will help you relax and get the job (or surfing) done.  Mukava furniture allows for not only tablet or smartphone reading, but the device has 2 USB charging units to help keep the device ready for more Facebook. Mukava features Ultimate compatibility with tablet and mobile devices – Mukava actually comes with one cell phone pad and three tablet pads. The clean and open design significantly provides practical use to mobile devices while enabling you to switch devices in just a matter of seconds. No matter which gadget you want...

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Choetech 5 Port USB Surge Protector, Griffin Reversible Lightning Cable

Today, I take a look at two USB products in the Choetech Surge protected 5-USB port charger, and the Griffin reversible USB to Lightning connector. Both are great products to have for your USB or iOS needs. Griffin Reversible USB to Lightning Cable Don’t you hate it when you can’t plug the USB cable in, so you think it’s backwards and flip it around only to find out the first way was right? Back in January, Griffin showed their solution to this problem in the reversible USB cable.  Now, the cable is out and ready for use. I checked out the 5 foot cable – a braided nylon cable with a more protective jacket at the plug ends. I put it in a high-traffic room to see how it would fair. Whereas my standard iPad/iPhone cable looked very dirty and sticky after a few days in this area,...

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iPhone 6 Case Hydra from InnerExile, Screen Protector from CINDER

Today I am showing off two pieces to protect your iPhone 6 from scratches and keep the screen looking sharp. First product is the Innerexile Hydra Case – a self-healing case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Second is an IndieGoGo project called CINDER: an iPhone 6 glass protector which the glass wraps around the face of the screen. Since the iPhone 6 is curved, most glass covers come up at the edges. CINDER is designed to fit the contour of the front. Check out CINDER: http://ow.ly/MROli Get an Innerexile Hydra case: http://ow.ly/MROsk

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iRig Mic Field Improves iPhone, iPad Audio from IK Multimedia – CES 2015

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSIK Multimedia showed off a stereo/mono audio device for your iOS device that allows for cleaner audio in the iRig Mic Field. Perfect when capturing that song you love at a concert or even when capturing video of your kids playing outside. The iRig Mic Field connects to the lightning jack of your iOS device. With the iRig Recorder, you can capture and edit your audio easily. Turn the Field to a landscape mode and record in stereo. Flip it the other way for a mono recording. The lighting plug allows for digital recording of up to 24-bit with a 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate. The mic contains two condenser capsules that have a 115 dB SPL rating and built in low-noise preamp. This will help keep the live recordings sounding a lot clearer than from your iOS microphone. iRig Mic Field is available for $99....

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Motorola Droid Turbo Give Battery Life to Your Phone

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSIn today’s mobile world, we want one thing from our smartphones – the ability to hold battery life. The Motorola DROID Turbo is the latest in high-end battery smartphones that not only holds charge, but can recharge 30% within 15 minutes. On the Verizon Network it becomes the workhorse you need for when you need it. Now usually I take a week or two to get to know the phone then review. Every now and then I like to slow a review period down to really get to know the phone. Would it become a phone I could use for the next two years? I also took it with me to the biggest battleground I know of. The Consumer Electronics Show. If you’ve ever went to a major event like this, you know two things – at the end of the day your feet will...

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FlirOne Thermal Imaging for iOS and Android – CES 2015

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSStopping at the Flir booth at CES, I learned about how Flir has improved on their new FlirOne thermal imaging system for iPhone. They retooled the device and made it an attachment working for all iOS devices. Further, they added an Android version. I talked with Travis Merrill from Flir. Now there is a new iOS platform, they decided to go with a more portable connector – for iOS anything with a Lightning connector, and Android with micro-USB connector. Flir made some enhancements to the first generation FlirOne. The major enhancement is this device is four times the resolution. The camera has two optics – one with thermal imaging and a regular camera so you can overlay the two. Auto shutter gives you a constant temperature and no manual calibration. Finally, the FlirOne has a 1,400 mAh battery, giving it a good couple hours...

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Motrr Galileo Robotic Gimbal with GoPro Mount Review

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSWhen I create content – especially as a one person crew – I’m always looking for ways to make my cameras do more. When I saw the Motrr Galelieo last year I thought this would be a great way to do that. But not living in an iPhone world, it wasn’t a device I could use. Now, Motrr has come out with the GoPro mount to the Galelio. This compliments my video as I can now put the GoPro on a table or up on a tripod to pan audiences or get a timelapse of an event. Get the Motrr Galileo Bluetooth at Amazon About the Motrr Galileo Lets look at the unit itself. The Motrr comes white or black and looks like a hockey puck. The Motrr can rotate clockwise or counter and its top can be twisted vertical so you can move the...