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3M Adds 1 GB Memory to their Pocket Projector in the 3M MPro150 – CES 2010

Remember when you went on a business trip without a laptop? While that is a little hard to fathom for some nowadays, you might be able to pull it off with the smartphone technologies. But what about going to a business trip with a projector that can keep your laptop and iPhone at home? That is where the 3M MPRO150 comes in. Your business tools in one little device. Best part is it will recognize most formats – Word, Powerpoint, Adobe Reader and a lot more. Todd Cochrane talks with Gabe about this great device. The MSRP is $395, but...

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16 Tech Innovations that didn’t quite stick

You might remember the products. You might remember the hype. Then, you are tooling down highway 41 years later and all of a sudden you think to yourself – “Hey, whatever happened to…” Failed ideas. Maybe it was a great idea, but wasn’t made right, or design errors brought it down. Maybe it was just a bad product. Well, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see if we cannot repeat these errors again. Oh yeah, why 16? Well because we could. The Computer Watch: Whether it was the Ruputer, the MSN Direct ‘Smart’ Watches, the Timex Data Link...

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Podcast Ep. 66 – 12-31-08 – The LAST Episode…

…For 2008 that is… Finally feeling Normal – Las Vegas – New Years – More Panelists on the LIVE Show Try GoToMeeting free for 30 days – No CC needed: GoToMeeting.com/techpodcasts. Get IT Certified – Careersaver.com – 25% off with Code “Geek08″ 877-654-2265 All Show Notes are also on Delicious Podcast: Play in new window | Download (29.7MB)

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Tech History 10-20-2008 – Ubuntu and iPods

Online meetings made easy. Try GoToMeeting FREE for 30 days! www.gotomeeting.com/techpodcasts We got a good Double Whammy on the Week in Tech History. First of all, on October 20th 2004, Ubuntu is first released. Since then it’s gone through many revisions and has many different flavors, including Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Edubuntu. It also marks the 8 year anniversary on Oct 23rd as the iPod v1 was first released. Of course since then the iPod has grown to many flavors in itself – the iPod touch and iPod nano. It is still one of the top MP3 players and one of...

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Episode 46 – 8-13-08 – Call and Win

No Ouside show  – Mic Cable – Donate old iPhone – PC reload news – Batman Poster – Call and Win! Try GoToMeeting free for 30 days – No CC needed: GoToMeeting.com/techpodcasts. Get IT Certified – Careersaver.com – 25% off with Code “Geekazine” 877-654-2265 Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine@gmail.com Download the show Subscribe: Zune – iTunes – TechPodcasts – Blubrry Podcast: Play in new window | Download (23.9MB)

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IE, Mozilla, Safari or Opera

Web browsers are just as debated as Operating Systems and Political affiliations. The Web Browser is the program that allows you to browse the web, so you want the best experience possible. And Just like Operating Systems you can also choose the web browser that you use. So which one is it? IE or Firefox. Maybe Safari? Maybe even Opera? Podcast: Play in new window | Download (2.4MB) Podcast (quickcast): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 5:12 — 2.4MB)

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Someone is always Challenging Someone – Apple iPhone vs. Blackberry

Today in the Gym I was watching a report that Apple iPhone was challenging Blackberry for market share in the corporate world. I agreed with the report – Apple has a better user interface than the Blackberry, Blackberry is too expensive in their messaging systems and an iPhone looks a lot better than a Blackberry device. But then I got to thinking about it. Is this really news? I mean, yeah – we’ve got one company trying for a niche that another company has. However what company hasn’t tried to emulate or compete with another company’s corner-hold before? Podcast: Play...

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Vocalo.org Ep 9 – Meet Men At the Apple Store

The show is here: http://vocalo.org/play/?playerID=14126 This week in Geek -1983 IBM XT announced – 1991 WWW goes online – 2007 iPod gets Patent Sprint unlimited Bundle Meet Men at the Apple store? 10 Great iPhone Apps Feature:Wikileaks gone, Wikileaks back again. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (6.4MB)

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Vocalo Ep 6 – Half of British Men will Swap Sex for 50 inch TV

I post for Vocalo.org – http://vocalo.org/node/13199 is the article. Listen at: http://vocalo.org/play/?playerID=13442 Vista SP1 Apple Increases iPod, iPhone storage Half of British Men will Swap Sex for 50 inch TV Pitfalls of Social Web  ComputerWorld put out an interesting article marked “The Pitfalls of Social Networking”. In the article it lists a lot of downfalls of the Web 2.0. In this new version of the web, we are able to voice our opinions and share information in many ways. Vocalo.org and Geekazine.com are both part of this – otherwise, this show would not be possible. Is Social Networking causing problems? Podcast:...