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Why Apple, Google Bested Coca-Cola as Top Global Brand

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 44:59 — 31.0MB) Was proud of iPad365 – not only on “New and Noteworthy”, but also on “What’s Hot” in Technology. I broke down and joined Empire Avenue. My stock jumped to $58.51 in the first two days. Does that mean I’m rich?  Spent the weekend relaxing – on Sunday we did Tandem Kayaking on Lake Monona. Not an easy task at times. Last night’s TWIGG we talked on XE10 and the upcoming GDK for Google Glass. I also tried Google Hangouts with Q&A. While I liked how it worked, in the...

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When Government Gets Breached: the South Carolina Cyber Attack

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 39:10 — 18.0MB) Thinking about all my friends in the NY area. The rain is over and snow is not too far behind. It’s almost like the Day after Tomorrow is happening to the East coast. Also, not only did Day in Tech History get nominated for Podcast Awards, Geekazine got nominated for best produced! Voting starts November 1st. Please Fill out the Geek Smack! Survey Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) gmail.com Download the audio version  Subscribe to the podcast via: iTunes – TechPodcasts – Stitcher You can catch me on Twitter @geekazine –  Facebook Group – About.Me Other shows: Day in...

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Ford: Power Of Choice – Mike Tinskey Talks Charging Hybrid, Electric Vehicles

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:56 — 92.7MB) In part four, Ford’s Manager of Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure, Mike Tinskey talks about how to charge your Hybrid and Electric vehicles. Mike talks about the home charging, and how Ford is partnering with multiple companies to place charging stations. The Focus and C-Max, along with a 6KW charging station, can get your car charged faster. Along with charging, they had to deliver a charging station. Working with Levitan, they developed a plug-and-play box that runs off 110v.  This box is also portable – take the box with you. Ford...

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5 Tech Things: Meteors, Microsoft KIN, Twitter Pay Model

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (98.8MB) This week on the 5 Tech Things You Should Know: A Big Meteor came across the Midwest sky. Looking upward for the next few days to see if there are others… Twitter talks about their new pay model in 2 Pillars – Ads and Commercial accounts. Apple revises Section 3.3.1 – JavaScript and C variants on programming are only allowed. Adobe might be suing. Should the FTC start looking into this? Facebook Safety Center is about Education, so you don’t select the photos of your friend naked and really expect photos. Microsoft...

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Blogworld New Media Expo 2009 Day 1

The day was long, but well worth it. I got on a plane about 5:10 this morning. The flight would take me to Chicago, where I would have to wait until 8:11 to continue on. However, problems kept us in Chicago a little longer. The plane had some technical glitch that could be fixed by unplugging (something), then taking one from another plane. They kept saying it would only take a couple minutes. …Two hours later… We finally got underway after 10 AM. With a 2 hour time shift, that brought the plane in at about 11:45 AM. Got to...

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Zune – New Features – CES 2009

As Podcasters, we are all grateful for the Zune. It has really promoted the shows. Todd Cochrane talks with Edward about what is new and how you can get free songs. Edward talks about new features like “Buy from FM” and Marketplace. You will be able to take your Zune into McDonalds and get more music. Best part is the Zune Pass gets you 10 free downloads a month. Save 10% on your Godaddy.com order using Promo Code ‘Pod125′ Visit Rawvoiceoffers.com and use the Promo code ‘ZUNE’ for more info.

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Geekazine Podcast Ep 61 11-26-08 – Short Show

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (18.6MB) I am under the weather, so we are going to make this as short of a show as possible. Another project – CES Swag – Printer Giveaway – Interviews and Reviews Try GoToMeeting free for 30 days – No CC needed: GoToMeeting.com/techpodcasts. Get IT Certified – Careersaver.com – 10% off with Code “Geekazine” 877-654-2265 Give to the Salvation Army All Show Notes are also on Delicious

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Ramblings – 5-03-08

I’ve been looking at the site and noticed that for a semi-bloggish atmosphere, I have no Blog stuff on here. Mostly News and Podcasts. So I decided to practice the art of self-humility and talk about the things happening in life for the past week. I call it “Ramblings”. Live show was awesome. I am not just saying that to promote, it really was. Although we didn’t get to 20 people, the ones that were there were interactive and fun. This week I upped it to 25 people. If 25 are watching and chatting, then I’ll be giving away a...

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Focus#5 CompUSA closes, Apple Store thrives.

After a few years of turbulent times, CompUSA will finally be closing their remaining 103 stores. In the meantime, Apples’ Surge allows them to open a 3rd store in New York – which pushes them to 201 stores. So with all this, is it “Out with the Old, in with the Apple”?   The Computer and Electronics retail store known as CompUSA opened it’s doors to the public in 1985 (the company started in 84, but was only a wholesale distributor. It was also not called CompUSA until 1991.). By 1996 it was making it’s presence known by launching CompUSA.com. In its existence, the chain...