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How Ford Learned from Avatar: Motion Capture – #fordtrends 0

How Ford Learned from Avatar: Motion Capture – #fordtrends

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSLast year when I went out to Dearborn, MI, we saw a lot with virtualization. A mock-up car where you put on the gloves and glasses, then saw yourself move around in that virtual world. However, Ford has taken it to a new level – by simply watching how Hollywood does it. More to the point – the movie Avatar. In this area, we look at how a person gets into and out of a car. They can go from a compact, to a heavy duty cab. The frame and bucket seats will re-adjust for the next vehicle. It’s called HOPS – Human Occupant Package Simulator. It not only can record a driver getting in and out, but also a passenger. Using the motion capture suit, the subject will get into and out of the car. The motion capture cameras will document their movements...

Ford Immersion Lab: Drive Ford Cars Virtually – Ford Tour 2

Ford Immersion Lab: Drive Ford Cars Virtually – Ford Tour

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSIt’s a nice spring day. I roll down the window and place my arm on the door. I turn up the radio. It makes for a cool ride down the street, but I don’t always think “do the engineers worry about this stuff?” The answer is: Yes, they do. The next stop in the Ford Tour was the Immersion Lab. We walked in to see a shell of a Ford Vehicle surrounded by motion capture cameras. Elizabeth Baron** was our guide for this section as she talked about what Ford does to make the ride comfortable. The idea is simple: Put the driver in a virtual environment, then make sure that the vehicle doesn’t hinder their driving techniques. If they look in the blind spot, will they see the road, or a bucket seat? If the user reaches for the radio knob, will it...

Inside Ford’s Virtual Manufacturing – Ford Tour 1

Inside Ford’s Virtual Manufacturing – Ford Tour

I am no stranger to 3D modeling and motion capture. Thanks to a good friend, I have learned all about it. In fact, he just set up a motion capture studio less than two weeks ago. I saw Motion capture on games, but I never saw it in a different type of production. That is what Ford is doing1 – They are using the Virtual Manufacturing division to test the aesthetics and ergonomics of a car. They can even do it without the car being present. Allison Stephens guides us through the program known as Santos (Jack and Jill). The computer model is used figure out not only if the oil cap is reachable in the car, but how it affects the person who is adjusting it. Santos can help engineers understand the stress of reaching for the oil cap, or maybe something as simple in Getting into and out...