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Virtual Worlds, Real Thefts: Real Police Search for Virtual Furniture

This sort of news story pains my brain. The BBC reports that real police raided real homes looking for virtual furniture stolen on the online site Habbo Hotel. As near as I can tell, Habbo Hotel is sort of a cross between a virtual world game and a social networking site. The FAQs weren’t real clear about it. From the BBC story: Finnish police are investigating up to 400 cases of theft, with some members reporting the loss of up to €1000 (£840) worth of virtual furniture and other items, according to Detective Sergeant Marko Levonen. “We have done five...

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Bleem! Re-Emerges with Bleem! 360 and Bleem! PS3 Emulators for PC, Mac and iPad

Edititor’s Note 4-01-2010 20:48:00: **This story is not true. It was part of Geekazine’s Annual April Fools Joke 2010** I have to admit, back in 1999, I had a copy of Bleem! With a quick burn of a Playstation disc and my trusty PS – USB controller, I could play a lot of Playstation games from my computer, which worked well if someone else was watching TV. When the company went bankrupt, I was saddened, but moved on with my life. Now that has all changed. According to an undisclosed source, new contracts have been created and Bleem! will begin...

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Gibson Les Paul Guitar Robot Technologies in the Gibson Dusk Tiger Guitar – CES 2010

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (54.0MB) Last year Jeffrey Powers got to play the Gibson Dark Fire Self Tuning Guitar. He was rather pleased with how it worked and not having to tune a guitar again was a pretty nice thought. This year, Gibson was back and so Jeffrey was salivating to try the newest line. The Gibson Dusk Tiger is the latest in robotic guitar technologies. Just like last year it had the feature of self-tuning, but this year it came with a new twist – Changing the sound of the pickups. Within a flip of the...