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CES Techpodcast Morning Planning Meeting – Jan 3, 2011

It’s Monday and Todd, Andy and Jeff are planning for a long day of work. We have a booth to construct, UPS and FedEx to go to and get boxes, WalMart and Fryes for accoutrement and more. We will be meeting up with Esby, Kara and Jack a little later in the day. Sponsor: The New Luxor, Las Vegas Deals Start @ $40.00 best rates guaranteed Sponsor: Get your 14 day Free Trial of Audible Listener Gold to start Listening Sponsor: Get 25% off new users to Godaddy – use code CES25

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Ramblings – 11-22-08 – But I’d Rather Play Guitar…

I have to admit, I sat down to get ready to write and I looked over at my lonely Sigma Guitar. It starred back at me like a puppy dog wanting to be petted. So I picked it up and started playing. For those of you who don’t know, I am a musician and an avid FAWMer – February Album Writing Month. It’s a challenge to write 14 songs in 28 days. I did so for a couple years now. So a lot of the music I did tonight was from my personal songs. I did do a song called...