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Sony’s E3 2014 Game Announcements

Sony held their E3 press conference to show off some of the games that are releasing on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. Some are new games, some are new iterations of existing games and some are exclusives. Without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of all the Games that Sony announced at E3 along with release dates. Destiny -available September 9th for PlayStation 4(PS4) with an alpha available Thursday and a beta available 17th July White PlayStation 4 with Destiny on 9th September Entwined – Available right now for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita The Order 1886...

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IOGear Wireless 5×2 HD Matrix Send Video to Different TVs – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 5:56 — 152.1MB) While at CES, IOGear showed off the wireless 5×2 HD matrix. This allows you to connect up to 5 devices – 4 inputs and one output. Additionally, a USB connection allows you to connect a wireless keyboard. You can then control a PS3 or laptop connected to the system. What IOGear 5×2 Matrix does is it lets you have all your Set top Boxes in one place. You can push those devices to a living room TV, bedroom TV, basement or other area with a monitor. A two TV...

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Why Blockbuster doesn’t Get It. Get on Roku, Boxee, iPad, Kiosks!

Yesterday I read that More Blockbuster stores are closing. Blockbuster is falling – with a losing 2010 and not a very great first half of 2011. Yet Netflix and Redbox seem to be doing pretty well. I don’t get it – Doesn’t Blockbuster see the writings on the wall? More important, why are they not on a platforms that work, like Roku or Boxee? I remember when Blockbuster gobbled up local retailer Doorstep Video (they actually delivered movies like pizza), then Video Station. A little company from Texas really put the screws to local video retailers. If you wanted a...

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SnakeByte Gaming Remotes for Wii, PS3

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 12:37 — 154.0MB) Mitch Perliss joins Esby and Jeff for the TPN Live CES converage. He is with SnakeByte – a company that sells extras for gaming. Dealing with Wii and PS3, they have multiple joysticks and more. They are going to be the first 3rd party company with a Wii Controller. The company also has other controllers and a bathroom scale that also connects to the systems. Interview by Esbjorn Larsen TPN CES 2011 Live Coverage Sponsors: Thanks to Audible for sponsoring GoDaddy services saves you money! New Customers Save 25% on...

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Hulu Plus on Roku

Roku officially launched the Hulu Plus application. Sad news is you can only get Hulu on Roku if you pay $7.99 and that doesn’t limit the amount of commercials. Nonetheless, we are one step closer in cutting the proverbial cable cord. The service will hit other boxes like PS3 and XBox360 soon. “We are excited to bring Hulu Plus to all Roku users,” said Pete Distad, VP of Content Distribution for Hulu. “With Hulu Plus on Roku, TV fans will have an easy way to streamto their TVs the shows they love, whenever they want.” The $7.99 price change has...

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The WavIT from ThinkOptics Turns Your iPod, iPhone Into a Fully Functional Remote Control – CES 2010

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (97.6MB) Editors Note: I would love to point to the website right now of ThinkOptics and the Wavit, but for the last few days it’s been reporting a trojan on the site. Therefore, no links will be given at this time. When I scanned through North Hall, I found a lot of cool new products out there. This one was the most impressive. Not only could it turn your iPod or iPhone into a presentation remote, it could also turn it into a fully functional remote control. The device is called WavIT from...

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5 Tech Things – Ep 13 – The bunnies attack on this Halloween

This week we talk about Blogworld and the switch of networks. New Sponsor – 14 Day Gold membership from Audible Windows 7 Ubuntu 9.10 – Karmic Koala Droid Motorola – Google Focus on beating Razr sales first Verizon needs to keep mouth shut Netflix on PS3 and soon Wii Blockbuster needs to be concerned Roku Leo Laporte Completely different content Net Neutrality Everybody equal Devils advocate

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CES 2009 – BOXEE – MultiMedia Software for your

What I like about computers is I can either find a program to do what I want with the computer or make one to do it. So when it comes to those boxes that stream movies (like Apple TV or Sling Media), I would rather have a box that can do more. The PS3 is like that because we  can set up a Windows Media Server to it to push music, movies and more. Well, with BOXEE, I can do the same thing – Flickr, Music, Videos, Photos and a whole lot more. At CES Unveiled, Todd Cochrane interviewed BOXEE...

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LIVE SHOW 6-09-08

Tonights’ live show consisted of the WWDC and iPhone 2.0 announcement. We also talked about other tech events, and the fact there was no other products debuted at the keynote this morning. I also recorded from the Dungeon for the first time, and the ustream PC didn’t want to cooperate. We did the show nonetheless and it turned out great! Hour 1: Hour 2

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Episode 36 6-04-2008

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (0.0KB) Should it be a Shorter Show? Sound and Sony Acid – I Love Lavasoft Ad Aware – Video back up – CrossLoop – New Widgets – Need Marketing On this day: DRAM Patent (68), ATM(73),kahn(82),Nec & Pacard Bell Merge(96) Try GoToMeeting free for 30 days – No CC needed: GoToMeeting.com/techpodcasts. Buy an iMac – Apple.geekazine.com Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) gmail.com Download the show Subscribe: Zune – iTunes – TechPodcasts – Blubrry

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It’s the End of the DVD As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (2.1MB) Podcast (quickcast): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 4:33 — 2.1MB) That’s great, it started with video tapes, movies in the home at 8, Lenny Bruce is still not afraid. I remember when we got our first VCR. It was a Betamax and we had some of the coolest movies. Of course, the Beta went the way of the do do bird. Then it was VHS. Come and almost gone. Now it’s the DVDs turn. Earlier in the year the big question was “Who was going to replace DVD’s: HD DVD...