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Red Touch Media Kiosks Bring Media Files, Documents to You – CES 2013

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSThe best way I can explain this company in a few words – secured peer to peer media and document management. I sat down with Wayne Scoles to talk about Red Touch Media and what it means to you. [cessponsor] Three Products on Red Touch Media (www.redtouchmedia.com) Red Touch Bridge Red Touch Express Red Touch Connect Red Touch Bridge Red Touch Bridge gets rid of the paper that some companies think they need. By digitizing the paper not only can you get a document when you want it but also get it anywhere in the world. Wayne mentioned that Red Touch bridge saved a studio 6.75 million in hard costs. Further, Red Touch Bridge creates a stats tracker to find out what the user does with the media. Did they pass through a section? Did they watch a trailer? It creates a heat map...

Internal Social Networks with Brainpark – 4G World 0

Internal Social Networks with Brainpark – 4G World

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSSome companies embrace open social networking. Some decide to ban it. Others really have no choice – they must keep it off the network for legal reasons. But what if you can have a privatized social network in your company that actually helps you? Step in Brainpark Brainpark is a social network and an internal helpdesk. It’s an answer queue and a company directory. Connecting with Outlook, it also makes searching for employees easily. Don’t expect pictures of that great party the other night. Don’t expect relationship statuses. Don’t expect friending options. DO expect a better communication within your organization. Ask a question, Brainpark will point you in the right direction.

Quickcast – Netflix Review, Ford Sync, Trip to San Fran 1

Quickcast – Netflix Review, Ford Sync, Trip to San Fran

Subscribe: iTunes | RSSThis month I took some time to check out Netflix and how they have changed since I last used them. I had Netflix back in 2002, where you would have to wait a whole week and a half for the next 3 movies in the queue. It was an upgrade when they put in a new distribution center closer to me, therefore movies only took a week. I moved over to Blockbuster simply because of convenience. That year I also switched banks because of convenience – More locations, more options. But this last year I closed that bank account and went back to my credit union. Online banking made it easy for me to get stuff done. So I figured, if I can do it with banking, I can do it with movie rentals. Sponsor:  14 Day Gold Membership & 1 FREE audio book at Audible –...

GoDaddy Fail Brings Geekazine Down for Day 0

GoDaddy Fail Brings Geekazine Down for Day

At 10:30 A.M, it was brought to my attention that Geekazine.com wasn’t resolving correctly. It would bring up a 403: Forbidden error. After giving it a half hour, I knew it wasn’t correcting itself. I then called GoDaddy support in where I was told that their internal process seemed to have corrupted the permissions on my sites. I was assured that it would be resolved in a couple hours. I told the support agent of the urgency, especially since this is a podcast day. A couple hours passed and no resolution to the hosting had been made. I went ahead with the show anyway, but come 4 PM, nothing had changed. I called GoDaddy up again, in which I was told the same thing and that this call was to be escalated. Being on a tight schedule as it was, I decided to head out and hope things would...