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NewTek Open Source NDI Standard for Video Production

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSIn a video production environment, spreading out tasks between computers can help in many different ways. From producing the video for public consumption to creating archive and even monitoring systems. Network Device Interface (NDI) is a standard that can bridge devices together – and you don’t even have to own a Tricaster. While at NAB, I talked with Phillip Nelson of NewTek about this open standard. NDI was announced back in 2015 to communicate with devices over Gigabit Ethernet. A standard that almost all corporate and video production buildings (even home studios) have. The idea is to have one computer send video or other items over to the production machine without having to convert or render. The end result is a reduction in production workflow. Many different programs have already adopted NDI into their systems. You don’t even need NewTek products to use the...


Create Fresh Amazing Titles with NewBlueFX Titler Pro 4

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSWhen you are creating video, having great lower 3rds and other graphics are key to keeping your audience captivated. It also adds to the feel of your show when you can keep formats the same throughout. That is why I use Titler Pro 4 from NewBlueFX – so I can create the best graphics for all my videos. Titler Pro is a plugin for not just video editing programs, but also live streaming systems like Wirecast, NewTek Tricaster and BlackMagic Davinci Resolve. Over 50 features are inside this program, including hundreds of presets, 3D rotation, animation presets, Keyframed lighting and much more. Using a timeline keyframe setup, you can create or adjust any template to your desire. In the accompanying video tutorial and demonstration, I create a simple lower third which I can use for my videos. I talk about how it works in...

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iRig2 for iOS, Android – Time to Rock on Your Guitar – CES 2015

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSI have been a big fan of IK Multimedia and the iRig. However, since I moved to Android devices, it got tougher to use these great musical additions. At CES 2015, they changed that with the new iRig 2 guitar interface which now supports Android devices. I talked with Derek of IK Multimedia about the new iRig 2 adapter for your guitar. Along with the Amplitude for Android you can now add pedal effects to your guitar for practice or performance. With the additional bluetooth pedal board, you can preset your sounds and have them ready at a touch of a button. Of course you can also use your iOS device the exact same way with the Amplitude for iOS. The iRig 2 includes a amplifier out, headphone out, gain control and FX-through switch so you can even connect to your existing pedal board.

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XBox One Controllers Now Work on The PC

If you have an XBox One, then there is some really good news for you. As of today, Microsoft has officially released their own drivers/software for the XBox One controller. You will be able to download and install the drivers, connecting your XBox One controller to the PC and just like that you will be able to play your favourite PC games with the XBox One controller. At this time, we’ve not been able to confirm if any other third party XBox One controllers (like the Mad Catz Killer Instinct FightStick TE2) will also work with these drivers. However, if anyone has been able to test a third party XBox One controller, please leave a comment below. Personally, this is a move that I predicted ever since I first heard that Microsoft were working on the XBox One. I predicted that the controller would be compatible with the...

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Wolfenstein: The New Order Available Now

Great News! Bethesda announced today that Wolfenstein: The New Order is now available. Wolfenstein is based in Europe 1960 after World War II raged and (in this universe) the Nazis prevailed. Captain BJ. Blazkowicz has to go on a mission against the regime and take out General Wilhelm Strasse (a.k.a. Deathshead). But these are no ordinary Nazis. They are robots and super soldiers ready to take your head off at a moments notice. The game is available on PC, PS3, PS4, XBox One and XBox 360. You can get Wolfenstein: The New Order through Amazon Here are the recommended system requirements: 64-bit Windows 7/Windows 8 Intel Core i7 or equivalent AMD 4 GB System RAM 50 GB free hard drive space Nvidia GeForce GTX 460, AMD Radeon HD 6850

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Voycee: Your History Free Social Network – Disrupt 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSThe easiest way to say it – it’s Snapchat for social networking. Voycee is an incognito social network. You create your post and send it. People read the post then it disappears into the night. I talked with Ilfan Radoncic of Voycee – suited up like the Men in Black – who showed me the network. He states there are certain celebrities and sports stars that want to post something and not have it blow up on social networks. With Voycee, there is no timeline, no archived posts. Nothing to say that post existed. You can say something that people can read in the moment and then let it go in the wind. Voycee is available now for iOS with an Android app coming soon. Sign up, post away. Or DID you? For more information, head to Voycee.me or you can Download Voycee on iOS by...

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Mobilizr – Get Paid for Your Selfie – Disrupt 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSI found a great way to make money off my selfie. That is with Mobilizr – a company that helps you promote your favorite brands and get rewarded for it. Lets say you like Geekazine. Simply send a picture through the app to promote it. This is a beta service for use. There are some campaigns up on the site right now which you would download the iOS or Android app to participate with. Earnings on Mobilizr depend on what the campaign offers. You can even set up your own campaign for other people to like. For more information, check out Mobilizr.net  

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Digital Jukebox Button Broadcaster for Organizing Audio – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSRadio programs use cart software to keep audio files organized. A software solution allows for more than just what a cart can hold and everything at a person’s fingertips. Even with podcasting some people use cart software to organize and keep clips at hand. Digital Jukebox is cart software that does a lot more. I got to talk with Joe over how Button Broadcaster works. Basically, the software allows you to put audio files in a 49 square area. You can organize those from intro music to quick quotes, sound effects, and more. On top is another series of buttons which bring up another set of buttons to use. On the left is the list. Items that you have queued up to play. They can be single items or category list items. Therefore you can play 3 songs and come in to talk. You can...

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Telestream Wirecast 5 – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSI stopped by the Telestream booth to find out what is going on with one of my favorite streaming software programs – Wirecast 5. I learned about the plethora of software and updates Telestream has to offer for any broadcaster – from podcast streaming to TV production. One product Telestream was promoting is Switch. this program will give you media playback in multiple media formats, then switch the video to the same format as other video. Switch supprts MOV, MP4, MXF, GXF, MPEG Transport Streams, and even Ultra HD 4k.  We also talked about the updated Wirecast 5 streaming software. With this software you can attach multiple cameras for a switching source, add chromakey events, lower 3rds, audio breaks, and more. Wirecast can send the video to another program, record to a video file, or even stream out to platforms such as uStream, Livestream, YouTube,...

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Paladin S3 Portable Streaming Solution, iPad app – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSSWhen I create some videos, I use streaming software to do it – mainly Wirecast. This is a great way for me to put on layers (such as lower 3rds) and get the content out to you. Paladin has seen what I do and improved on it with the Paladin S3 streaming box. Best part – they also have made portable versions of it. Paladin’s S3 Chasis is a low form factor PC. Inside you can place either an SDI array, or HDMI input solution. You can patch out to monitor, audio, digital audio, USB device, Firewire, eSATA, Ethernet, or wireless solution. The PC box can load any software – Wirecast or Vid Pro – Livestream, uStream, or YouTube – even post production software like Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Hit Film, and more. Paladin Portable Solutions Paladin also has solutions that will fit...