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Virtual Worlds, Real Thefts: Real Police Search for Virtual Furniture

This sort of news story pains my brain. The BBC reports that real police raided real homes looking for virtual furniture stolen on the online site Habbo Hotel. As near as I can tell, Habbo Hotel is sort of a cross between a virtual world game and a social networking site. The FAQs weren’t real clear about it. From the BBC story: Finnish police are investigating up to 400 cases of theft, with some members reporting the loss of up to €1000 (£840) worth of virtual furniture and other items, according to Detective Sergeant Marko Levonen. “We have done five...

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Crashing Ford’s VIRTTEX Advanced Driving Simulator, Sort of – Ford Tour

As a musician, there have been many late-night drives home in where I should have pulled over and got an hour sleep. Drowsy at the wheel is not a good thing – Sometimes I wonder how I made it home. That’s what Ford tests – Stupid people like me who risk an accident just to sleep on my bed. In our first stop on the Ford tour, we visited the Ford VIRTTEX room. What looks like an attraction at Disneyworld, it’s actually a state-of-the-art system that tests drivers who are tired or become distracted by everyday items; tuning the car...