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Why I Was Swearing Late Last Night 0

Why I Was Swearing Late Last Night

Two words: Internet Explorer. I have been working on a website for a friend. It’s not quite ready for primetime, but It’s come a long way in 20 billable hours. So, after a nap because my brain was tired, I decided to test it in Internet Explorer. It didn’t render properly, either in regular mode of “compatibility mode” (It is to laugh). It worked in every other browser I had (Opera, for both Windows and Linux, Firefox, Konqueror, just to name a few) but not in IE. It took me about 25 minutes and lots of creative language to find the tag that was causing IE to malform the page.

LIVE SHOW – 8-18-08 – Operating Systems 0

LIVE SHOW – 8-18-08 – Operating Systems

Once again another stellar Live show came and went. @DedRyzing, @husker_fan, @jlariviere and more joined us for a great talk about a lot of things. One big subject was Operating Systems and how we always wait for the “Next One”. We had some great websites chuck full of information, too. W3c has a great chart of OS Statistics. During the show we talked about how much storage there is out in the world. We found this site, which has a great footprint ticker. We also talked about Twitter Keywords, Cloud Computing and so much more.

Opera 9.5 is out 0

Opera 9.5 is out

I reported it on Geeknewscentral.com – Opera came out with version 9.5. Now Opera was noted a couple months back for getting 100% of 100% of the ACID3 test. This tests the W3C standards of the browser. Check out the browser update here. Firefox is trying to get a Guiness record of downloads when their new browser comes out next week. Let’s just give Opera a good boost to say “Hey, we have even another good option”. Opera is available for Windows (95 – Vista), Mac OSX and Linux. Download here