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Using a Legacy Screensaver in Windows 7

Back in my Windows days, my favorite graphics program was Vueprint and my favorite sceensaver was its associated screensaver. Vueprint is small–less than a meg to download–fast, and versatile. For lighweight editing, such as resizing, cropping, and simple color adjustments, I found it unmatched in either the Windows or the Linux world. (The closest thing I’ve found in terms of lightweight and fast for Linux is XNView, and it’s not very close.) I decided to see whether Vueprint was still around, and it was. Ed Hamrick, its creator, is no longer developing it; he is concentrating on a sister program...

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Windows 7 Too Big To Be Taken in Tablet Form

Bloomberg reports that it will be a while before a Windows 7 tablet becomes feasible. The target for a tablet compatible version of the OS is the last quarter of this year. iPad sales have manufacturers wanting to jump on the tablet bandwagon, but Windows is just too much of a resource hog. The iPad’s success caught much of the PC industry by surprise. Within two months of the April 3 release, Apple sold 2 million iPads — more than IDC expected for the entire tablet industry in 2010. To catch up, Dell and Hewlett-Packard are turning to Google Inc.’s...

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Screencast – Backing up computer for Windows 7 install

2GB Totally Free Online Backup! Compliments of Mozy – Use code “Geek” for 10% off other plans In this screen cast, we look at some steps you can take to prepare for your Windows 7 install. The biggest is backing up your data so you can bring it back on the new system. In this system, we look at: Collecting computer information using the Belarc Advisor Drive Imaging software, such as Acronis – for restore point Using an external source like old computer or external drive Off-site backup option in Mozy This upgrade will not be a quick one, as...

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Windows 7 Peeks

The Guardian has a slide show of Windows 7 screenshots here and an article about what’s new in Windows 7 here. If you are curious, they are worth the while.

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Windows 7 on Netbooks: Hold on to Your Wallets?

The Guardian speculates that Windows 7 on new netbooks is likely to come in the “starter” or “standard” version–that is, only three apps can run simultaneously. Unleashing a more versatile version of Windows 7 will cost an upgrade fee. Read the full story here. According to the story, the starter version can be upgraded for the cost of a pizza dinner for four. I used to have a family of four (before they up and grew up); taking them out for a pizza dinner was a significant expenditure.

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Thoughts on Windows 7

I understand that Microsoft needs to move forward with their Operating Systems. What I don’t understand is all the hype that Windows 7 is getting. Especially for something that won’t come out until possibly 2010. I remember sitting at my desk on the Windows 95 support team (yep, I worked for but never was employed by Microsoft) previewing an alpha copy of “Nashville” – technically it was suppose to be Windows 96, but the OS was revamped and then scrapped for 98. All I could think of while playing with the browser was “Why when 95 was doing so well?”

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Episode 35 05-28-08

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