HP Tech Cast #7: LTO-6 – Tape Storage is NOT Dead

HP Tech Cast Episode 7: LTO 6

HP Tech Cast Episode 7: LTO 6

Last month HP released their Linear Tape Open 6 (LTO-6) tape backup standard. With tapes that can hold up to 6.25 Terrabytes and rack systems that hold up to 44.4 Petabytes, tape shows not only its relevance in Enterprise networks but also how it can stack up to a storage method.

Calvin Zito joins me with ESG’s Jason Buffington and and HP’s Bob Conway of the Tape Future product marketing. In this video, Jason gives a presentation on data protection trends and topics. We then get into LTO 6 and how you might want to think of a Disk to Tape to Cloud structure.

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  • Mike Johnson

    yes we cant say LTO technology is dead now, many big manufecturers of LTO tapes released LTO 6 tape which proved the worth of this tape technology, you can learn more about LTO 6 tapes at : http://www.itdevicesonline.com/C7976A.php